WATCH: Barumbadong pulis na nag-aangas sa kanilang lugar, gisado kay Raffy Tulfo

A concerned citizen from Marilao, Bulacan seek the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complaint about his policeman neighbor who is often egocentric and threatening resident using his gun.

The complainant caught the policeman on camera while trying to strangle a neighbor’s neck and holding his gun against him even while he is off duty and not wearing his uniform.

When the program called PO1 Almar Cristobal Sabal he explained that during that time he is after an alleged criminal who is involved in illegal drugs. He said that the suspect showed him a sachet of a suspected shabu so he went back home to get his gun and handcuffs to arrest the suspect.

However, when he went back the alleged drug suspect already left the scene so he questioned the suspect’s companion, the one he is strangling in the video whom he also identified as a drug addict.

PO1 Sabal added that the complainant is the live-in partner of the drug suspect, who he is supposed to conduct a warrantless arrest with. Because of this, Tulfo slammed him of his illegal practice especially on carrying his gun while off duty, but the policeman argued that they have a directive allowing policemen like them to carry their firearms at all times for their own protection.

When the program contacted Marilao, Bulacan Chief of Police Col. Amado Mendoza, he confirmed that PO1 Sabal is doing an improper practice of duty and willing to entertain the complainant to file a formal complaint.

Meanwhile, Station 11 Commander Amante Daro said that they do not tolerate such rude behavior of a policeman and will immediately disarm and investigate PO1 Sabal.



Watch the full story below:






Source: YouTube

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