Babaeng Tumayong Ina Ng Bata Sa Loob Ng 5-Taon Isinumbong Ang Mga Kalokohan Ng Totoong Kamag-anak Ng Bata!

Recently, the story of siblings Anna Rose Rama and Bobby Rose Rama went viral online. It is the topic where the siblings are trying to get the daughter back. They went to the office of Mr. Raffy Tulfo after claiming that her ex-live-in partner, refuses to give back the child to them.

There was supposed to be a meet up where they were about to take the child home with them but it ended ugly. Anna Rose showed the bruises and scratches that she got after claiming that Zhoila and her husband beat them up inside their home while they were taking the child with them.

Zhoila Emen, who is currently taking care of the child went to Raffy Tulfo’s office to explain her side of the story.

Anna Rose and Zhoila used to be live-in partners but they broke up and now, they both have their respective partners.

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The 5-year-old girl, Zsanna Marie Isanan, is the daughter of Bobby Isana.

“Actually sir, sabi po nila ayaw kong ibigay yung bata. Pero binibigay ko po. Ayaw lang sumama May video po ako na nagpapatunay na ayaw sumama ng bata,” Zhoila said.

“Tska po sabi nila binugbog po namin sila ng asawa ko. Hindi po namin sila binugbog. Ang nangyari po nun, siguro po dahil na din sa sama ng loob ko sa pinagawa nila sa bata na pinapatulog daw po nila sa labas, siyempre ako po nagpalaki diyan sir. Masakit sakin yun malaman sakin na ganun,” she added.

The young girl told Mr. Raffy Tulfo that her aunt Anna Rose is taking her to sleep outside the house whenever she and her current partner argues.

Anna ROse defended her side by saying, “Hindi po totoo sir na natutulog kami sa labas kasi ang pag-away po namin tampuhan lang po.”

Zhoila then revealed that Bobby has another abandoned child, 10-years-old who is currently with the biological mother. The birth certificate of the child was even falsified since the mother indicated there is Anna Rose Isanan.

Raffy Tulfo then decided to turn the case over to the CSWD after taking to Frescian Canlas, the Assistant Head of CSWDO, Antipolo City.

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