PART 2: Mga Magulang ng Tinaguriang “Reyna ng Gold Digger”, May Rebelasyon Tungkol sa Matinding Panghuhuthot ng Anak sa Jowang Koreano!

Mr. Leo and Mrs. Helen Carbonel, parents of the Lealyn Carbonel who are now being tagged as the “Queen of All Gold Diggers” came all the way from Isabela to clear their name and reveal more explosive stories on how their daughter used her half-Korean half-Filipino boyfriend, Alex Kim.

Mr. And Mrs. Carbonel went to the program of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo together with Mr. Kim’s staff namely Jepoy Capalad and Brix Tanguinod.

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According to Lealyn’s parents, most of the stories she narrated at Tulfo’s program are lies. Mommy Helen said that Lealyn runs away from home after they scold her when they found out that Lealyn is just wasting Mr. Kim’s money to his boyfriends.

Jepoy narrated that there was one time when Lealyn asked Mr. Kim for a total of P100,000 cold cash saying that his father met an accident and has to undergo an operation but later on, they discovered that the said amount never reached her parents.

Mr. Kim’st trusted aide also revealed that Lealyn once asked for P30,000 saying that her sister is in a critical condition after giving birth, without blinking an eye, Mr. Kim instructed Jepoy to give the said amount to Lealyn.

“Si boss (Mr. Kim) kasi pagdating kay Lealyn talaga wala siyang pakielam sa pera! Doon nahahalata na namin na hinuhuthutan siya pero  hindi naming mapigilan kasi hindi namin maibigay yung happiness niya na nakikita nya doon sa bata (Lealyn),” Jepoy said.

He also admitted that once in a while Mr. Kim is would give threats to end Lealyn’s life if she will break up with him, but these threats are only burst of emotion and anger whenever Mr. Kim would discover that Lealyn is fooling her and having an affair with another man.

Jepoy added that they kept advising Mr. Kim to just set Lealyn free but the Korean is head-over-heels in love with her.


Because of this, Lealyn’s parents pleads her to show up so they can fix the problem and settle it once and for all.

 “Anak kung nasaan ka man magpakita ka na sa amin, napaka laking kahihiyan ang binigay mo sa amin!” Mommy Helen said adding that Lealy should apologize to Mr. Kim.

“Ang gusto ko lang yung totoo, ayoko yung sinungaling kaya pinagsabihan kita, pero anong ginawa mo?” Daddy Leo added.

The other trusted aide of Mr. Kim named Brix said that the 49-year-old Korean is slowly accepting the fact that he and Lealyn will never be together again, but he requested Lealyn’s parents to still accept and treat him as a family member and vowed to continue supporting them financially.




As for Lealyn’s defense? Watch the full story below:





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