WATCH: Amang na may kabit at nanakit ng asawa at anak, sinumbong kay Raffy Tulfo!

Amelita is enduring all the hardships and pains just to gain money as an overseas Filipino worker in Malaysia. After all, she is looking out for her family in the Philippines.

So it is so heartbreaking that after all the sacrifices she has done, her husband Emmanuel had the guts to continue his problematic behavior with binge drinking and committing infidelity. What is even worse is he had the nerve to hurt Amelita and their daughter Joy physically.

For Amelita, there is no more option but to file a case against Emmanuel and settle everything in the court. Their children also agreed with her. In fact, they are the ones who urged her to get out of their house and leave their father.

Emmanuel defended himself before Raffy Tulfo on all the accusations he received from his wife and his daughter. According to her, Joy was running amock and he was just trying to control her. The wounds that her daughter got, according to Emmanuel, was a result of him pacifying her daughter.

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He also admitted that there were times that he had a physical altercation with Amelita but claimed that not all of Amelita’s story is 100 percent true.

He tried to justify his actions of inflicting wounds on her mother and her daughter. However, Raffy was not having any of it at all.

“Wala pong hustificatuon para masaktan ang isang bata. It doesnt matter na kahit sobrang pasaway ng anak di pwedeng gamiting juatification para ang anak niyong bugbugin dahil may batas tayo para dyan,” Raffy said.

It was also found out that Emmanuel had a child with his number two and what’s worse if it is Amelita and Joy who are financially sustaining the child since Emmanuel is just a street sweeper.

Raffy told Emmanuel to plead an apology to Amelita for all the things he has done to her. Amelita, however, said that she has already heard these words a lot of times and she has learned her lesson: Don’t believe to what Emmanuel has said because he will not change.

So what does Amelita wants to Emmanuel? She wants him to rot under the custody of police. She even said that she prefers him to go back to his mistress than to be with him again.

Emmanuel told Amelita that he has already broken up with his mistress and he wants to be with her again. But again, Amelita is convinced to take their fight to the court.

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