WATCH: Inang OFW, Umuwi Matapos Magpadala ng Video ang Kinakasama Kung Papaano niya Saktan Ang Kanilang Mga Anak!

Establishing a strong relationship while being miles away from each other has always been a challenge for many couples who are in a long distance relationship. They say distance makes the love grow fonder, but we all know, more often than not, distance actually gives room for both parties to put their trust to test.

Sadly no matter how hard we try to keep our relationship strong and healthy, there will come a time that lack of trust will really test a relationship’s foundation and it is only up to the couple if they will choose to love each other or give-in to the product of their imagination.

This imagination produced by lack of trust may lead one party to do stupid things like threatening his/her partner or worse, using their offspring to issue threats and force them to follow the things they want to happen.

This is the ordeal faced by a Taiwan-based Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his live-in partner who is inflicting physical violence against their children and use it as a threat to her.

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According to Cheryl Silverio, she also wants to get the custody of their children ages 5 and 6 as she already fears for their life at the hands of their abusive father.

She revealed that her husband Wilson Tungol is sending her video clips showing how he physically maltreat the children whenever Cheryl would refuse to answer his calls. She added that the father is also threatening to poison the kids if she will not talk to him properly.

When the program contacted Wilson, he said that he is aware of the law that kids ages 7 and below should be under the custody of the mother. He also explained that he was only able to do such stupid things as he already suspected that Cheryl is having an affair with another man while working overseas.

Wilson argued that in the video, he is only instructing the children on what to say and do so that he could use it to force Cheryl to return her calls.

Tulfo slammed Wilson and informed him that he could face multiple charges for what he did to their children, but Cheryl is kind enough not to file a case against Wilson only if he will surrender their custody to her.

Because of this both of them received a lecture from Tulfo; first for Wilson for allowing Cheryl to work abroad when it his responsibility to work hard and provide for the family and second for Cheryl for pushing through her dream of working overseas and lacking communication to his husband which lead him to over think about everything.




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