WATCH: Mga nanay na humingi ng saklolo kay Raffy Tulfo para mahanap ang mga anak nilang lumayas!

It is a nightmare for parents to find out one day that their children did not come home. It causes them to panic and stress out the situation. They also become desperate just to find their missing children. So desperate that they will tap the help of Raffy Tulfo in the national television.

Sherly Villamer went to Raffy Tulfo’s show to seek help about her missing daughter Sheena Villamer while Purisima Quebec was also there to search for her grandson Joshua Magpantay.

Sheena, 16, and Joshua, 18, are a couple who eloped from their relatives. It is said that they were with Sheena’s cousin Chriszel Escaner.

Purisima cried as she pleaded for Joshua to go home. According to her, Joshua’s brother does not want to go back to school because of his missing brother while his mother, who is an overseas Filipino worker, is starting to stress out of his situation.

Meanwhile, Sherly apologized to Sheena for scolding her, which she believed is the cause why her daughter ran away from her home. She said that it was just brought up by fatigue from work.

Due to the incident, Sherly said that she hasn’t sleep or have gone to work out of stress.

After one week, the three came back to the custody of their parents.

The three revealed that they went to Bicol with the help of a friend who funded their trip there. They said they went back after the show posted on their Facebook page that they were missing.

Purisima told Joshua that she is permitting the relationship but she is now wary as the two eloped.

Joshua and Sheena promised that they would never do it again and apologized to their parents for causing trouble.

Meanwhile, Maricel Vargas was also stressed out as her 13-year-old daughter Jennifer Baylosis was also missing. She is speculating that she eloped with her partner Evangeline, who is a lesbian.

Gina Macalalad, the mother of Evangeline, said her daughter was also missing but doubted that she is with Jennifer. She said the two have already broken up.

Just like in the previous case, Maricel and her husband can’t sleep and go to work as they are desperate to be with their daughter again.

Jennifer eventually went back to her parent’s home.

She revealed that she got scared to go home as she was still outside at night. Jennifer also denied that she eloped with Evangeline, saying that they have already broken up.

Raffy hopes these cases can teach kids not to run away from their home when their issues can be talked over the table.

Ipinanawagan sila noon ng kanilang mga magulang sa show ni Idol Raffy.

Ipinanawagan sila noon ng kanilang mga magulang sa show ni Idol Raffy. #raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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