Ayaw makipag-aregalo ng anak sa isang kompanya sa pagkasawi ng tatay niya! Alamin ang dahilan!

April 30 is a horrible memory for Arnel Aurigue, an overseas Filipino worker, as a nightmare became the reality: the life of his 70-year-old Jovencio Aurigue has ended. It would be more accepting of his demise was caused by his old age but that was not the case.

Jovencio’s life ended all of the sudden after a utility post struck down on him. On the surface level, what happened to Jovencio can be classified as an “accident”.

Arnel could also call this an accident. However, he found out that the utility post that ended his father’s life has already a history of tumbling down.

He also found out that everytime an accident occurs with that utility post, Midsalpi Zamsureco 1, the electrical company responsible for the utility post, settles down with the victim by paying them P30,000. What’s worse is that utility post is the same utility post for over the years.

Despite causing accidents due to its fragile state, the company is not seeking any ways to improve the situation like replacing the utility post or making the foundation stronger by cementing it.

Arnel revealed to Raffy Tulfo in his show “Raffy Tulfo in Action” that the Midsalpi Zamsureco 1 tried to settle down the accident by paying him P30,000.

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Arnel, however, had enough of this. He doesn’t want this accident to happen to other people so he wants the company to be liable for what happened to his father.

Raffy called Dodong Laruga, the area manager from Midsalpi Zamsureco, to explain his side. He said that they are already seeking improvement over that post.

He also pleaded to Arnel if they could settle this outside the court since it was an accident.

Raffy responded that what happened to Arnel’s father was not an accident but “an act of stupidity. He said the fall of the electrical post cannot be classified as a superior force from nature but a responsibility of Midsalpi Zamsureco 1.

Raffy also said that the company committed KKK, which means “Katangahan, Kabobohan, Kapabayaan.”

He then asked Arnel if he is willing to settle this down outside the court but the late father’s son is determined to continue his fight legally.

Netizens lauded Raffy and Arnel for their decision with this matter.

“Since accident happens beforehand they should have fixed it or rebuild a new one so that d na mauulit. Sir Raffy is correct that is STUPIDITY. Lesson learned. Nagpabaya ang company,” YouTube user secret_wish wrote.

“Yan ang gustong gusto ni sir Raffy gamitin ang programa nya sa hustisya , huwag sa kapolanggit na areglo.,” Carolina Balance wrote in her comment.




Source: Youtube

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