WATCH: Pulis na Babaero, Sinumbong ng Sariling Anak kay Raffy Tulfo!

We grew up having an utmost respect for our parents, especially our fathers. Our mothers would often tell us to pay respect to the family’s patriarch as he is the one working so hard in order to provide all the needs of the family. Growing up, we have instilled in our minds that a father is an honorable man who does everything for his family.

But sadly, not all fathers fit in this ideal description of being a father, as what they saying goes “it is easy to be a father, but it takes a real man to become a dad”, it means that no matter how much a father provides for his family’s needs, if his presence and love is not felt, all the valuable things he provide will only be useless.

Just like the ordeal faced by this son who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about their father who is not just having an affair with another woman, but also fails to give enough financial support and fatherly love to his children.

According to Ferdauzi Nor, his father Captain Saniden Nor is only giving their mother P8,000 financial support for all of his children ages 21, 13, 8, and 5. He also revealed that Captain Nor’s most recent mistress is a judge.

Ferdauzi explained that Islam teaching allows marriage separation in two conditions; if the wife is not capable of bearing a child or if she had an illicit affair with another man, that is why his father resorted to spreading rumors that their mother, Analeah Nor is having an affair with another man.

He also revealed that four years ago, their mother once filed a Bausi case against again their father when she found out about his first mistress but later on withdrew the case after the father went back home and apologized.

But not long after, he continued with his hobby of cheating with another woman.  Fedauzi revealed that he attempted to plead his father to go home and even bent down on his knees and kissed father’s feet but to no avail.

Tulfo tell Captain Nor that he could easily file a complaint directly to Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director Gen. Oscar Albayalde and he would immediately lose his job, that is why he suggested apologizing to his children and settle the matter peacefully, but the father argued that he does not fail in giving them financial support, to which Ferdauzi replied: “Hindi namin kailangan ang pera mo, ang kailangan namin ang pagka-ama mo!”





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