WATCH: Vendor na Sinita ng MMDA Dahil sa Illegal Parking, Binansagang “CR Girl” Dahil sa Kaniyang Palusot!

A few weeks after the controversial “5 minutes girl” who was caught on cam arguing with the members of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) went viral on social media and drew flak among netizens, another road argument involving MMDA officers is going rounds the internet and getting mixed reactions from the online community.

But this time, a very light and cool MMDA Task Force Special Operations Commander Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija could be seen negotiating with a lady vendor now tagged as “CR Girl”.

August 23, 2018 morning was just an ordinary day for MMDA doing their jobs and making sure that there is no obstruction in the road as they conduct clearing operations in Intramuros, Manila, this time their main target is to wipe out all vehicles, food stalls, and tarpaulins obstructing the traffic flow.

When members of the MMDA spotted a motorized food cart illegally park along Salona Street, they immediately prepared to tow it. But after a few minutes, a lady vendor came running and tried to stop to authorities from dragging her food cart vehicle.

The lady vendor explained that she was parked in the said area as she needed to respond to the call of nature and rushed to the toilet. In the 3-minute video uploaded by Manila Bulletin, it could be seen how the so-called “CR Girl” tried to negotiate her alibi with the MMDA officers but to no avail.

“Sorry na! Kaya lang sir pag tinawag ka na ng tadhana, kahit 5 minutes hindi naman kaya. Sir naman, minsan lang makisuyo eh!” the lady vendor explained.

But Col. Nebrija calmly reminded that her 5 minute rule had already lapsed, “Sobra sobra na sa five minutes…meron na kaming ‘five-minute girl’. ‘Wag na nating dagdagan,” Nebrija said referring to controversial “5 minute girl” who first become internet-famous for refusing to show her driver license to MMDA officers.

“Sige sir ikaw din pag na-CR ka, it’s your fault ha?” the lady vendor added while approaching closer to Nebrija and trying to convince the officer not to apprehend her.

The lady vendor’s sweet and calm approach was reciprocated peacefully by Nebrija, in the video, the lady vendor could be seen giving Nebrija a friendly tap on his arms which drew laughter and teasing among other MMDA personnel and bystander in the area.

Although Nebrija had a light exchange of argument with the lady vendor, it is not clear if the MMDA continued towing her food cart or gave her consideration.

Watch the full video below:

Woman tries to stop MMDA from towing her motorized food stall in Intramuros

WATCH: Woman tries to stop MMDA personnel from towing her motorized food stall illegally parked along Solana St., Intramuros

Posted by MANILA BULLETIN on Wednesday, August 22, 2018


According to Nebrija, the operation along Intramuros was initiated by Intramuros Administration citing Presidential Decree No. 1616, IA which states that “an attached agency of the Department of Tourism, has been given the authority over the management and development of Manila’s Walled City.”

“Obstructed na, mai-i-stroke na sila rito,” Nebrija said while his men are wiping out tarpaulins and food stalls along the sidewalk of Victoria street.



Source: Facebook | Manila Bulletin

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