WATCH: Pinagharap ni Raffy Tulfo ang “flight attendant” na babae at construction worker na niloko sa FB!

After telling his story of love, lies, and deception, Erne Tagle will finally see the woman she thought was the love of his life.

He previously told Raffy Tulfo that he met a certain Abby De Leon, a flight attendant in an international airline company and they eventually fell in love and get unofficially married through Facebook messenger. However, Erne found out that Abby is not a real person and it was actually an old lady who he knows as Abby’s mother Melita Manuel.

But now, Erne will finally have the clarity that he deserves. “Abby De Leon” came to the studio and cleared her side of the story.

Her real name is Mary Gail Nieves and she is actually a sales agent in a private company and not a flight attendant.

She admitted that it is her mother that Erne met on various occasions and her name is Agatha De Leon. On behalf of her mother, Mary Gail apologized to Erne for all the troubles she caused.

Mary Gail speculated that her mother asked money because she is currently experiencing financial trouble due to her former hobby of betting with money.

Erne accepted the apology and thanked Mary Gail for coming and clearing everything up.

The show also contacted Agatha to know her side. She admitted that she indeed scammed Erne but she said that they already talked about it and promised to return all the money she got from the guy.

However, Agatha complained that Erne was becoming unruly of her. She shared that there was this one time that Erne called her and said some nasty messages like asking her to remove her panty because “he is coming”. Erne denied this and said that he is treating her like a mother.

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Agatha also said that they only met once in Baclaran, contrary to Erne’s claims that they met three times.

When asked why she did this, Agatha said that she was just feeling lonely in her house. She is annulled from her former husband and their children are not living in their residence.

Agatha also apologized to her daughter for getting her picture and used it to fool people. She also vowed to Erne that she will continue giving back the money as long as he will behave properly.

Eventually, Erne gave all his pictures of “Abby” to Mary Gail. Mary Gail then took photos of all of Erne’s receipts of giving money to her mother to make sure that her mother is paying the right amount of money.


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