Aray! Sumakit ang batok ng babaeng ito matapos siyang tagain gamit ang isang bananacue stick

It was an unfortunate day for this unidentified woman as she was unexpectedly punctured by a beggar with an object that seems to be harmless — a banana-cue stick.

Based on the viral post, people were swarming around the woman as they want to know what happened to the woman sitting on a wooden chair with a stick on her nape. The woman can be seen contacting someone.

Some came to her to provide first-aid care after what she sustained. She was eventually brought to the nearest hospital.

The homeless man can also be seen handcuffed on a railing as a way to prevent him from hurting other people.

Some people cannot control their emotion as they try to inflict pain on the handcuffed homeless man. However, a traffic enforcer came and told the bystanders to stop hurting the man.

The homeless man seems to be not in his right mind. Some said that he is suffering from a mental illness and he should not be hurt by people as he is not aware of what he did.

Netizens were worried about their safety as a simple stick like a banana-cue stick could be used as a tool to hurt other people. There are also some netizens who tried to explain the side of the homeless man.

Here are some of the comments:

“…para sa sariling opinyon ko lng…kailangan nilang mabigyan ng atensyon..karamihan sakanila biktima ng droga..biktima ng gutom,at biktima ng di nakayanan na problema….nakakapanakit cla dahil wala sila sakanilang sarili..sana matuonan cla ng pansin ng gobyerno,” Anne Lorie Rodriguez said.

Another netizen criticized the bystanders who just want to catch some gossip about the incident than rushing her to the nearest hospital.

“Bkt hnd p dlhin yn s ospital para mtanggal n yn stick s leeg ny,ano p inaantay nyang mga taong nkpaligid s kny nanunuod lng,wlng kwenta yn,masmgaling kau kung ddlhin nyo n yn.s ospital,hnd yn.pinagpyepyestahan lng ng tingin,hay naku,” Editha Barsana said.

Meanwhile, a netizen shared her own experience with another homeless man.

“Naalala ko tuloy yung buntis ako 9mos tas me taong grasa hinahabol ako tas may dalang malaking bato para ibato sakin.di ako makatakbo ng mabilis.buti nalang me sumaway dun kundi kawawa ako hays.sana hulihin na nila yan pra di na makapamerwisyo pa,” Bleomo Sangti said.


A netizen said what most people think about the homeless man:

“Dilikado yan naku dapat dinadala yan sa mental,” Lilly Alpes shared.


Source: Showbizread

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