Jumejebs lang and dalawang ito nang hulihin sila ng mga pulis. Ito nga ba ang dahilan ng aresto nila?

Sometimes, it is really hard to contain and endure from the “call of nature” so some people just do it in hidden places. It may be disgusting but it would be relieving.

However, would it still be relieving when suddenly, policemen will come and apprehend you?

Baylon Inocencio and Adrian De Guzman just came from a drinking session in Dagupan City, Pangasinan last August 4 when the latter experienced “the call of the nature”. There are no near establishments or even a portalet and he feels like he needs to release it at that time.

He had no choice but to go to the bushes and take a dump. It sounds like a fun yet disgusting moment but it turned into a nightmare once some policemen came to the scene.

Baylon and Adrian were just buying cigarettes in a nearby store when they encountered policemen in a patrol car and told them to come with them. Adrian told Ben Tulfo in his show “Bitag” that they know they did nothing wrong. However, based on the news they were hearing about policemen, they were scared for their lives to try deflecting the policemen.

They were not told the reason why they should come with them. It was a surprise to them that they were suddenly apprehended and brought for inquesting procedure.

It became more chilling for them upon learning that they were charged with resisting apprehension and illegal possession of illegal substance. With this, they sought help with Ben on what to do after these policemen allegedly framed them.

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Atty. Batas Mauricio, the resident lawyer of “Bitag”, told them that it was illegal for policemen for not reciting their Miranda rights during their arrest. It was also illegal for these policemen do not provide them with lawyers.

He also suggested the two file administrative and the other type of case against these policemen if what they are saying is true.

Netizens commented funny remarks about the incident.

“Maganda sana dinakot mo tae mo binato mo sa mga ugag na police!!! problema sabihin nanlaban ka binaril mo ang mga police ng tae,” Ruel Garcia said.

“Dumadami na ang pulpulis ngayon.isa na ung mga humuli sa dalawang yan.sana niyaya ung pulis at sinubsob sa ebak,” Rosalie Madriaga said.

Meanwhile, a certain Blue Knight had a serious comment about the incident.

“Yan kasi problema ng pinas eh…kahit gaano gawin ni Duterte, may mga alagad talaga siyang mga salot at abusado pag nakatalikod. Porket mga pulis nga at may baril at pabor sa kanila yung batas, feeling above the law na yung ibang pulis galing mag gawa gawa ng kanilang sariling aresto at batas. At yung mga civilian rin abusado, alam na may curfew pa lasing lasing at gala gala parin, kulang lang talaga sa disciplina ang karamihan,” the user said.

Source: Youtube

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