Siniwalat ng radio broadcaster kung bakit napakayaman ni Arnold Padilla!

Arnold Padilla made headlines twice in the recent times but it’s not for positive reasons. The first thing was when he was caught in a CCTV footage when he and his wife were physically and verbally altercating traffic enforcers on EDSA. The second one was when police authorities discovered illegal firearms and explosives in his house.

During the search warrant operation, lawyer Raymond Fortun came to the area of the incident and presented himself as the lawyer of the couple.

Now, we all know that Raymond Fortun is an expensive lawyer who handled high-class clients. Moreover, people are wondering that despite his rude behavior to people, he still managed to get rich.

Radio broadcaster Mark Lopez did a research on Arnold and found out how he did get so much money.

Based on his research, he was fed with a silver spoon on his mouth ever since he was a child as he came from the wealthy and influential Padilla family.

Lopez also found out that Arnold is actually a senator of a former senator. They also own several businesses located in Metro Manila and Baguio.

The Padilla clan was also known for their infamous rivalry over the inheritance of their older generations. In one incident, it is believed that Arnold is the primary person behind the shocking way of how his sister Yvonne’s life ended.

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Peeps, here are some very interesting info about Arnold Padilla –

– He is the grandson of former Senator Ambrosio Padilla.

– The Padillas used to own a shipping line. They are also very well landed, with several prime properties in Binondo and other areas in Manila, and Baguio.

– Arnold Padilla is said to be generating at least P1M per MONTH income in property rentals alone.

– His father the late Don Ramon is allegedly responsible for the [ending of life] of a sibling via a car [explosive device] explosion in Baguio. Cause of dispute is inheritance and property division.

– Arnold himself has pending case of [premeditated ending of a life] dating back to 2010 for allegedly being the mastermind in the [ending the life] of his sister Yvonne. She [went to the other side] when she received and opened a gift box sent by her mother Arlene Padilla, which actually contained a [explosive device]. One of the suspects in the case was a maid of Arlene who personally brought the gift [explosive device] to Yvonne’s house.


– Arnold’s mother Arlene Is also included as suspect in the [premeditated ending of a life] charge sheet of Yvonne. However it known in the family that Yvonne is actually Arlene’s favorite child. She was said to be very distraught after the [explosion].

– Arlene Padilla is SAID TO BE MISSING for 2 years now.

– Glocel Razon, the current partner of Arnold, and who was the girl who arrogantly confronted the barangay traffic enforcer in the now viral video, is said to be the niece of General Avelino Razon.


Source: Facebook

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