WATCH: Masaya Sanang Pagdiriwang ng Birthday, Nauwi sa Dalamhati Sa Pagpanaw ng Ina sa Mismong Kaarawan ng Kaniyang Anak

Birthdays are a special occasion celebrated in all parts of the world, it is a day to rejoice for giving you another year to live, another year to be wiser, and another year to learn and explore life. Although there are some culture and religions who do not believe in celebrating birthdays, it is safe to say that the majority of the world are fond of spending a good time for this special occasion.

In the Philippines, we even have a tradition of having a grand celebration for 1st, 7th, 18th, 21st, and 60th, each birthday signifies different reasons on why it has to be celebrated more than any other birthdays. But normally, we Filipinos are fond of celebrating birthdays yearly even by just a simple celebration at home with simple food and birthday cake together with the people close to our hearts.


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But how would you feel is the birthday you look forward to every year will be the same day a special someone in your life will also say goodbye? Believe it or not, this kind of ordeal happens in real life.

Just like this heartbreaking video which is recently going rounds on social media showing how a man celebrated his bitter-sweet birthday beside his mother’s hospital bed.

In the 50-seconder video clip posted by Facebook page “Sana Lahat”, a family could be seen caught in a two conflicting situation of celebrating a family member’s birthday or mourning for the mother who just lost her life.

Based on the video, the family is about to celebrate a man’s birthday complete with a birthday cake and candle while their mother is in the hospital so she can also celebrate with them. But they were faced with the surprise of their life as the mother actually took his last breath when the son is about to blow his birthday cake.

Because of this heartbreaking moment, the hospital room was filled with mixed emotion as family members started crying upon realizing that the mother already left them.

The birthday celebrant could not accept what is happening and could not help but broke down to tears while saying “Ma birthday nako ma please ma.. Ma mata na ma mangaon ta ma” or in the Filipino language: “Ma kaarawan ko, pakiusap ma.. Ma gumising kana, ma kakain tayo ma!” while the hospital staff tries to revive the ill mother.

And the usual joyful singing of “Happy Birthday” song was later on filled with sad emotions and cries from the entire family.



Watch the heartbreaking video below:

Wala ng mas sasakit pa dito. Mismong sa araw ng kaarawan mo ay araw din ng kamatayan ng nanay mo 😭😭😭. Nakakadurog ng puso ang eksenang ito. Panoorin nyo💔💔💔😭😭😭“Ma birthday nako ma please ma” 💔💔💔“Ma mata na ma mangaon ta ma” 😭😭😭#RestInPeaceNanay#KMJS©

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