WATCH: Mister na babaero na, walang kwentang ama pa! misis humingi ng saklolo kay Raffy Tulfo!

Everyone dreams of a fairytale love story. Guy meets girl then they fall in love. After that, they get married and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, we are living in the real world and not everyone could have the dreamy Cinderella or Snow White kind of story. Worse, some women are currently living with their princes who are actually the villains of their stories.

Jane Del Kalinga thought that she will have her fantasy with husband Rizzan John Kalinga. The two went along, they got married, and had kids.

But the butterflies in their story went away when Rizzan started hurting her physically, emotionally, and financially. Worse, according to Jane, Rizzan has also neglected his duty as a father to their kids.

In her narration to Raffy Tulfo in his show “Raffy Tulfo in Action”, Jane said Rizzan has been missing in action as a father of the family for almost a month now. She also said that Rizzan has yet to give financial support to their kids.

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She also told Raffy that she is not going to have another taste of Rizzan’s physical inflict on her. It was a painful thing for Jane to get hurt by her own husband just after giving birth to their kids back in November 2017 as he allegedly punched her on the face.

Jane thought that’s how bad Rizzan could get but she could never be more wrong. She also revealed to Raffy that her husband is committing infidelity. She narrated that while they were in a middle of an argument, Rizzan’s mistress started calling on his phone.

Jane has already started to take things in legal ways as she filed a case against Rizzan. Police authorities have received a warrant of arrest for him. They have to locate Rizzan as of the moment.

The program’s team, however, successfully contacted Rizzan. In his defense, Rizzan denied Jane’s allegation of infidelity. This did not go well with Jane and revealed that she has photos of her husband inside a motel with other girls.

Moreover, Jane also said that Rizzan preferred to buy expensive jewelry for his number than providing help for their children.

“Ano ako? [Redacted] na naman? Babalikan mo ako porket kasal tayo? Iniisip ko yung mga bata kasi broken family ako. Alam mo yun. Ayokong mawalan ng ama ang mga anak ko gaya ng ginawa sa’kin ng tatay ko. Pero anong ginawa mo?” Jane told Rizzan.

Raffy scolded Rizzan for being a neglectful husband and father. He also vowed that his team will help Jane in pursuing Rizzan.


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