WATCH: Sumuko na ang main suspect sa viral video sa pagmumura kay Pangulong Duterte at paggamit ng pinagbabawal na gamot!

In the video, they were so proud of what they are doing but after it went viral, their conscience ate them up.

Now, all of them faced Metro Manila’s top cop and pleaded for forgiveness.

The teenager who was proudly cursing at President Rodrigo Duterte while taking illegal plant substance with his friends in a viral video has surrendered to authorities Wednesday morning.

Randal Lois Roque, a 20-year-old student in Malabon City, finally surrendered to police authorities. He came from Camarines Sur as he was fetched by his mother.

Randal said barangay officials of Barangay Tugatog in Malabon City convinced him to surrender to authorities for what he did.

It can be remembered that Randal is the shirtless man in the video who cursed Duterte and urged him to finally legalize the illegal plant substance, claiming that it is not as harmful compared to other illegal substance. He also claimed that it doesn’t cause them to do other illegal activities.

A day before Randal surrenders to police authorities, six of his friends who were seen in the video surrendered. They are identified as Comelio Aguilar, Kurt Edison Aflo, Emmanuel Guerrero, Ran-ran Santos, Cedrick Acharon, and Juaneil Arvie Isles.

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Randal and his friends pleaded forgiveness from Police Director Guillermo Eleazar, the regional director of National Capital Region Police Office. Eleazar, however, said they did not only harmed the President but also their campaign against illegal substance.

In a media briefing, Eleazar said that these youngsters could still change. However, they must face the consequences.

“We still consider them as kids and they have the chance to change and be a good part of the community but they have to face the consequences they have done,” he said.

The group is currently under police custody as they will face charges related to Republic Act 9165.

Netizens expressed their satisfaction with what happened to these kids.

“Ilang beses ko pinaulit ulit tong video na to tawa ako ng tawa Nawal Yung mga angas ehh DUTERTE NA HNDI NA NOYNOY kung sa panahon ni noynoy nag ganyan kayo di kayo papaki alaman bka tumawa pa yon pero ngayon iba na presidente ngayon asal hayop padin kayo hahahahahaha sakit sa tiyan kakatawa kakabagan na yata ako kakatawa hahahaha,” John Alfred Ocampo.

“They had said that they’re only under the influence of [illegal plant substance]… so that means they know to themselves that would be the result, they know to themselves that taking [illegal plant substance] or any kind of illegal [substance] will gonna cause them to be like that! Teens nowadays. They deserve punishment. They’ve insulted the highest authority in the government, very wrong,” JM De Jesus Echon said.

Meanwhile, some netizens said they should be given another chance.

“I think these kids [are] under the influence of [illegal substance] when they did it why don’t we give these kids chance to be rehabilitated instead of condemning them,” Chit Sarmiento said.

“Learn to forgive at least nag volunteer naman sila na sumoko at the end of the day as long as they learn from whatever bad things they have done then that really matters but im not telling to forget kung anu man yung ginawa nila what is done is done kung kailangan makulong then they should face it. But wag naman nating kunin yung karapatan ng tao na mag bago,” Ariy Ella said.

Posted by Dk Zarate on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


Sabi na magkikita din tayo,Umiiyak sila ngayon habang nagsosorry kay PDU30may mensahe din sila sa mga nakapanood ng videoRMN NEWS DZXL 558#malabon7With tay Digz Albert Antivo Lpt

Posted by Dk Zarate on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


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