Asawa ng seaman nagpasaklolo kay Idol Raffy para ireklamo ang mister na mapanakit!

In a relationship, it is not always rainbows and butterflies, there will come a time that both of the couples will lose the spark they have for each other as the years go by. But it doesn’t mean that one should look for the spark from a third party and forget about the love they have for their spouse.

It is really up to the couple to keep the fire burning in order to work things out, every couple should be reminded to go back to the days when they are still in awe of each other and make it a point to revive those moments as they grow old together

But when a relationship already reached a point of cheating, disrespect, worse physical cruelty, then the abused party should know when to get out of this kind of relationship.

This is the ordeal faced by a seaman’s wife who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who is not just maltreating her but also accusing her of having an affair with another man.

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According to Milky Naquily, their four children who are at a very young age could witness how her husband Mark Anthony would punch her on the face and other sorts of physical violence for the past 14 years.

Mark Anthony explained that he was only resorted to violence out of so much anger after discovering Milky’s series of conversation with another man on social media.

He also said that during his recent vacation, he started feeling something different with the way Milky treats him.

 “Nung unang baba ko ng barko hindi naman ganyan siya eh… itong uwi ko na ‘to, ang laki ng pinagbago niya sa akin, puro kwarto lang siya nagse-cellphone at chat,” Mark Anthony said.

But Milky explained that since she has become a part of a certain “Seaman’s Wife” group on Facebook, other ladies who are mad at her created a dummy account using her name and photo to make it appear that she is having an affair.

She also revealed that for the past years that Mark Anthony is going in and out of the country, whenever he is home, he would often spend his time in the beer house with his friends.

“Demanda ko siya sir sa pananakit niya sakin! 14 years akong nagtiis sa pambubugbog niyan, lagi akong sinasaktan niyan sir, nakikita ng mga anak ko!” Milky said.

In the end, Mark Anthony apologized for what he did and both agreed that the next time Milky reported another physical abuse, Mark will be immediately sent behind bars.

But during their confrontation at the barangay, Milky immediately got violent and attacked Mark Anthony even in front of their children.

After a calm negotiation, Milky and Mark Anthony agreed to patch things up and forgive each other for the sake of their family.





Watch the full story below:

Reklamo ni Misis, nambubugbog daw si Mister.

Reklamo ni Misis, nambubugbog daw si Mister. #raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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