Kasama pa ang nanay! Hinarap ng lalaking ito ang kanyang dating kabit na inakusahan siyang nagkakalat ng kanyang pribadong litrato!

Jenelyn Aransido earlier went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help in searching for her former no.2 who she identified as Rhonie Dimayuga. She was crying for help as her reputation was stained as Rhonie allegedly leaked her private photos.

In an attempt to help her, Raffy and his team posted on their Facebook account about Rhonie. He told his followers to notify them if they ever see the guy who messed with Jenelyn.

A day after Jenelyn publicized and accused Rhonie in Raffy’s show, the guy voluntarily went to the studio, together with his mother. He said that he wants to clear his name from all the accusations he got from Jenelyn.

The first thing he wants to deny is Jenelyn’s claims that he was threatening her to send her private photos. In fact, according to Rhonnie, it was Jenelyn who has been sending those unsolicited photos.

Why is she sending them to him? Rhonnie said that Jenelyn does not want to break up with him so she was using her photos to make the guy and her wife get angry with each other.

Jenelyn quickly denied Rhonnie’s narrative, claiming that she is unaware that Rhonnie is still with his wife. She said that Rhonnie told her that they have alreadys separated.

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Rhonnie’s mother cannot resist to cry at that moment. She said Jenelyn knows the truth and she is lying. According to the mother, she talked to Jenelyn and made her aware that her son is still married. She said that Jenelyn was fully aware of what she’s gettting into.

But what made Rhonnie’s mother cry more is Jenelyn’s alleged witchcraft threats. She said Jenelyn numerously claimed that her Masbate roots taught her how to do witchcraft and target people who crossed her.

Again, Jenelyn denied that she threated the two of her witchcraft skills. In fact, Jenelyn said, she knows nothing about witchcraft.

The show called Rhonnie’s partner Queen Berlyn Comia to further expand the picture. Queen cried hysterically as she confronted Jenelyn.

“Diba nag-usap na tayo na tigilan mo na kami. Maayos ang usapan natin, Jenelyn,” Queen said. Just like Rhonnie’s mother, she also claimed that Jenelyn threatened her with her witchcraft skills.

Queen said that Rhonie admitted to her once that she with Jenelyn. It was hurtful but it was already forgiven.

However, Queen said, Jenelyn won’t leave Rhonie alone as she kept on sending her private photos. She also threatened to end her own life if Rhonie won’t leave Queen.

In addition, Rhonie said Jenelyn kept on making many social media accounts just to send her photos to him.

Since it was not clear who was telling the truth, Raffy proposed that this case should be given to the CIDG-NCR for further investigation. It will determine who really send those photos.

In the end, Raffy made the three to be at peace with each other and Jenelyn, Rhonie, and Rhonie’s mother agreed. The three vowed to not start a fight again.

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