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It is only in the Philippines where you get to bargain for the price of certain goods you can find in the market like fruits, vegetable, meat, clothes, and other stuff. We Filipinos have this special talent of haggling and it comes naturally to us whenever we caught ourselves in the market trying to make the most of our budget.

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There is really nothing wrong with negotiating for a price in the market as it has already been a part of the Filipino culture. It has been widely accepted in all parts of the country to the point that even foreigners and tourist have learned to Filipino way of haggling to be able to close a good deal.

However, if you are the buyer, it is very important to maintain your respect for the small-time seller and respect them when they refuse to give in to your bargain; they do this not to give you a good deal but also to protect their business’ interest.

But sometimes failed haggling could result to violence, just like what happened in a public market where at least five men were caught in a riot after having a failed bargaining talk.

According to netizen Alexandra Venus Vidar who shared the video, the incident took place at Kalibo Public Market. In the video, three men could be seen storming another man with kicks and punches until his face reached the floor.

After a few seconds, another man came to rescue the underdog and slam offenders with a monobloc chair.

The commotion only subsides after several onlookers tried to meddle in the scene and stop both parties from hurting each other further.

It turns out that the three buyers tried to haggle for the price of a small hat but when the seller refused to give in their bargain, they group of buyers verbally insulted the seller.

According to Vidar, it seems that the three buyers are under the influence of intoxicating beverages when the incident happened.

Meanwhile, Kalibo police Chief Supt. Richard Medpania arrested all the five men involved in the riot, but instead of filing a necessary case, all parties agreed to just have an amendable settlement.

Watch the full video below:

Eksena kaina sa public market… Owa pa masayuri kung ano gid do dahilan ko andang inaway… Hmmm… Ano kaya?VCTTO: ALEXANDRA VENUS VIDAR

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