Pagdudusa ng mga aping security guard, napalitan ng galak sa tulong ni Raffy Tulfo!

“Hexagon Security, ang kapal ng pagmumukha niyo laging delaying sahod! Yung OT walang bayad, wala pa kaming day off! Magsara na kayo!”

This is the cry of at least twenty men who works as a security guard and recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about their law-violating agency.

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According to the group, they only receive a P491 per day salary which is the minimum rate of P512, on top of that, the said amount is also paid for a 12-hour straight duty without a day off. They are also not given enough overtime pay for the extra hours that they work for every day.

The group of security guards also revealed that the paid P3,500 each for their license even though they did not undergo necessary training. Despite paying the said amount, the Hexagon Security Agency only have them a photocopy version of their license instead of the original.

“Pinilipit niyo kaming mag straight duty! Yung lisensya namin bayad na, ‘di na nga kami dumaan sa training ‘di niyo pa ibigay, photocopy lang ang binigay niyo sa’min na dapat original!” the group said.

“Ito ba yung pinagmamalaki niyong lisensya? Magsara na kayo!” as they tear off the photo copy of their license.

When the program contacted Hexagon Security Agency’s General Manager Marilyn Agcio, she was not able to explain a word and just vowed to correct the employee salary and paid for the days they were forced to work beyond the lawful 8-hour duty s demanded by Tulfo!

Since the group does not have a place to stay, Tulfo paid for their one-night motel accommodation which the group truly enjoyed.

The following day, Tulfo’s team accompanied them to the agency’s office and was able to get their back pay and original license copy.

Meanwhile, the same thing was experienced by a Makati City-based security guard named Ramil Manaois who also seeks the help of Tulfo. Ramil revealed that aside from getting below the minimum salary rate, his overtime pay for working 12 hours every day is also not paid and the agency is not paying his government-mandated benefits like SSS and Pag-Ibig.

On top of that, the agency is also deducting P1,500 on his salary for his barracks unit’s utility bills which by law should not be shouldered by the employee.

Because of this, Tulfo immediately contacted Red Eagle Counterforce’s Operations Manager Edwin Delfin who vowed to pay Ramil’s back pay which will include his overtime pay give and the refund of the deductions.






Watch the full story below:

Ano ang ikinagalit nila at ano ang kanilang ikinasaya?

Ano ang ikinagalit nila at ano ang kanilang ikinasaya?#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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