Sina Lolo at lola, suko na raw sa pag-aalaga ng apat na apo! Iresponsableng ina ng mga bata, pina-Tulfo!

Aside from the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, children are also entitled to have responsible parents that could provide their needs and give them the utmost love and care. But sadly, due to unfortunate circumstances like poverty, not all children could enjoy this kind of rights and are left hanging.

This is the ordeal faced by elderly siblings Leonardo Castillo and Josefina Cordero who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to surrender their four grandchildren to their biological mother.

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According to Nanay Josefina, the kids who are now under their custody ages 10, 8, 4, and 3 are children of Bill Castillo, Tatay Leonardo’s son who just recently got out of the rehabilitation center and is still not capable of looking for a job and look after his kids.

It also turned out that the 66-years-old Tatay Leonardo is a stroke victim and could be considered as a person with a disability so he is no longer capable of taking care of the kids. Both of them are financially and physically challenged and have no means to provide the children’s needs.

The wanted to turn over the kids’ custody to their biological mother, Rizza Marie Acob but she would often refuse to take her responsibilities because she is currently jobless and could not afford to support the children.

When the program contacted the biological mother, she said this will be just temporary and promised to get the kids or give them financial support once she finally secured a job, but Nanay Josefina said that Rizza has been saying this excuses for the past year and a half already and until now she was not able to secure a job and instead got pregnant with another man.

Because of this, Tulfo already seek the help of Mandaluyong City Social Welfare Development who said that if other close relatives are not willing to look after the kids, they will be forced to send the children to a child caring facilities that can support their needs but there is a possibility that they will be up for adoption by other parents.

“Masakit po nanay ako eh, kahit naman po gusto kong andito yung mga anak ko sa’kin, kung magugutom lang po sa akin, mas pipiliin ko nalang po yung magandang buhay nila,” Riza emotionally said.

Tulfo then offered to give a livelihood showcase to Rizza where she can generate income, however, she does not have a place to put the business. When asked if her business could be placed in Josefina and Leonardo’s house, they refused and revealed that they can’t take to stay under one roof with Rizza since she is a hard drinker and would often cause trouble.

Tulfo takes back his offer and suggested Rizza to underwent DSWD evaluation.





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