WATCH: Babaeng nagayuma umano ng pangit, nagpasaklolo kay Bitag!

It is surprising that in this age and time, many Filipinos still believe in the power of love potions also known as “gayuma”. This is a special potion made in order for someone to get attracted or even fall in love with one person.

Just when we thought that this “gayuma” plot stories only happen in television series and movies, just recently, a woman seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Ben Tulfo also known as Bitag to complain her former live-in partner whom she believes used a love spell to make her fall in love.

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Initially, the woman whose name was not disclosed wants to seek Tulfo’s help in order to get financial assistance and support from his former live-in partner who is also the father of her child.

The lady said he met this man when both of them are still working as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Bahrain and eventually fall in love with him since he is kind and God-fearing.

When Tulfo looked for the guy’s photo, he frankly told the pretty complainant that her ex is way too ugly for her so he suspected that the complainant was put under a love spell to make her fall in love.

The lady complainant said that she is not sure what kind of love spell or potion was used to her, but she could remember one incident when his former live-in partner gave her some Latin words when she was about to go back in the Philippines.

It turned out that her ex-partner is now married to another woman and has kids of their own as well, they also discovered that he is currently jobless and also a burden to his current wife.

That is why Tulfo just suggested moving on from her ex and just working hard to provide the needs of her child as a single mother instead of requiring a broke man to give her financial support.

Tulfo also gave words of encouragement to the lady complainant and said that she is pretty and it would be easy for her to secure a job in the Philippines given her decent beauty. He then just encouraged the lady to seek a job and work hard for her child instead of running after the irresponsible father.




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