WATCH: Kabit na OFW na nagpakalat ng mga hubad na lalarawan ng misis ng kanyang kinakasama, ipadedeport ni Raffy Tulfo!

An OFW’s career and probably her and her family’s future is in danger after she was blinded by emotion.


Could be out of love or just desperate, Zenaida, an OFW in Hongkong is on the receiving end of a complain coming from a wife named Daisy Edicto.

She went to Raffy Tulfo to complain about Zenaida’s action who she said posts her nude pictures online.


Raffy tried to ask Daisy what happened and how did this started. Daisy said that she is ok with his husband having an affair as along as he will still go home with her and still support her and his 5 kids.

However, not ok with her is this Zenaida, her husband’s mistress. She said that this Zenaida manages to get her nude photos by pretending to be his wife.

She added that as husband and wife they tend to long for each other which results to them having cyber sex.

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Part of it she said is by sending nude pictures to satisfy her husband. However, after a few weeks, she said that she noticed that her husband is not the one she’s having cybersex with.

That’s how this Zenaida obtain her nude photos Daisy said she is posting it online.

So Raffy talked to PNP Cyber Crime unit Sr. Insp. Artemio Cinco and relay the dilemma of Mrs. Edicto.

Cinco said that even if the suspect is out of the country there will be no change in the process of filing the complaint against this Zenaida. Daisy just needs to coordinate with them bring all the necessary photos or screen captures that will serve as evidence and they will still file a case against the suspect.

Raffy also asked if there is a way for this mistress to be deported in which Cinco replied in affirmative.

Cinco said that they will coordinate with the correct agency so that this mistress will be sent back home for good.

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