WATCH: Mister na tinuhog pati biyenan, tiklop kay Raffy Tulfo!

Being able to catch your husband cheating is a very devastating feeling, you may have a mixed feeling of anger, sadness, and eagerness to have revenge. But catching your husband having an affair with your own mother is a different case, but this wife chose to take everything in and suffer in silence out of fear from her husband.

After gathering several pieces of evidence, Monica Solmay seeks the help of veteran public service announcer Raffy Tulfo to complaint about her husband and mother who are engaging in a disgusting illicit affair.

According to Monica, she confirmed her mother Amelia Anyog and husband Eman Solmay’s affair through a phone recording of their conversation discussing their sickening sexual encounter.

When the program contacted Amelia, she denied having an affair with Eman and said she is refusing her son- in-law’s calls especially if he is obviously flirting with her. But Monica argued that their phone conversation clearly proves their disgusting affair where Amelia is even professing her love for her daughter’s husband.

Upon contacting Eman, he immediately confessed having an affair with his mother-in-law to which Amelia argued that she only agreed to have sex with Eman as the latter is threatening her.

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But based on the recorded conversation acquired by Monica’s sister, it clearly shows that there is no threat on Eman’s part and in fact, Amelia could be heard saying she enjoyed their one-night stand.

Eman cried and apologized to his wife and encouraged her to just go back to Mindoro and start a new life. He also confessed using marijuana and promised to change if she will give him another chance.

In the end, out of fear of Tulfo’s action, Eman quit his job and went back to Mindoro to fulfill his promise to start a new life.

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Watch the full story below (warning: the video contains languages that may not be suitable to other viewers.



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