Nagkamali ng pagtiket itong traffic enforcer na ito na ikinagalit ng motoristang ito!

Getting a ticket from a traffic enforcer can really ruin someone’s day. Their plan for that day is already delayed, their license is confiscated, and they have to pay their fine. It wouldn’t be possible if the driver did not commit any violation, right?

Motorists who committed traffic violations should be cooperative with the traffic enforcer in order to have a peaceful transaction (We all learned from the infamous “Five Minutes Girl”, right?). But what if the traffic enforcer gave you a wrong ticket?

This is what motorist Ben Chan shared in his Facebook account about giving a heavier penalty for a violation he did not commit.

According to him, the traffic enforcer caught him using his cellphone while driving. He admitted to doing this so he was willing to give his license.

This interrogation should have been swift but it lasted up to 20 minutes because the traffic enforcer gave him a wrong ticket.

Why did it take them such a long time? The traffic enforcer thought Ben committed another violation: having an outdated driver’s license.

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Ben really gave an outdated driver’s license but he has a receipt to prove that he was on the process of renewing it. The traffic enforcer even called the Land Transportation Office and but was proven wrong when the office said his license is current;y being renewed.

This angered Ben, causing to throw a fit to the traffic enforcer. He cursed the traffic enforcer and even called him “bobo” for the inconvenience he has done.

Unfortunately for Ben, he was forced to pay fine for having an outdated driver’s license but he took a video of the whole incident to give to the Metro Manila Development Authority. He said he wants the enforcer to receive punishment for the mistake he has done.

Netizens are on the side of Ben after watching the video.

“The enforcer should attend some more training on how to properly write the violation on a ticket. If he verified already he should have noted in the ticket,” Charo Feliciano said.

“Ang gulo mo naman sir hindi nga [outdated[ tumawag kana nga hay nako. Yan ang mahirap sa palakasan system walang alam sa trabaho kulang sa seminar tanggap na may padrino eh,” Bryan Boregon said.

“Bobo tlaga enforcer alam ng lahat na wala agad ma issue na id lto kundi resibo lng na nagpapatunay na nakapag renew kna…sintido kumon nlng…saka ndi na kinukuha ng lto lumang id ganun sken nung makuha ko id binalik lng sken ung luma ksma nung bago,” MarkBen Elardo said.


Source: AngatPilipino

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