Pumunta pa tong dalawang Cebuano ng Manila para humingi ng tulong kay Raffy Tulfo! Alamin ang hinaing nila!

Mariven Sabellaga and Blossy Papellero are just the two residents who live near the shore located in Toledo, Cebu who are currently experiencing a problem that was caused by a huge company.

The residents there were living peacefully until Aboitz constructed a power plant in their area. The power plant has been getting sands on the shore area and this plays a huge problem for the residents.


What was happening, according to the two, is that the water coming from the sea started entering their houses. This is since the power plant kept on consuming the sand that has been absorbing the splashes from the sea.

They have already proposed on building a seawall on the shore to the local government officials of Toledo but up to this point, there was no avail to them.

That is why they went all the way to Manila just to seek help to Raffy Tulfo in his show “Raffy Tulfo in Action”.

After listening to their complaints, Raffy called Engr. Sonny Salvador, the city engineer of Toledo. According to Toledo, they already had a meeting about the concern and vowed that they will build a seawall on Sabellaga and Papellero’s area.

He also told Raffy that their seawall proposal is currently under the approval of city executive.

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Therefore, Raffy called Toledo vice mayor Antonio Yapha. He clarified to Raffy that in the first place, he was not tasked to approve that anymore. Salvador then siad that Yapha should be included since he is part of the transition period of the new city executive.

Yapha agreed but he revealed that the proposal is still not on his table. Salvador then admitted that they haven’t forwarded the proposal to Yapha since the papers are still on their legal team division. This prompted Salvador to apologize to Raffy and to the two residents who are on the show.

Papellero did not resist to cry when she opened up how the seawater damaged their houses and this is due to the fact that there was no seawall to protect them from the crashes of the waves. Upon checking the documents she presented, Raffy concluded that Aboitiz should be held liable for the damages.

The two said they also want Aboitiz to be responsible for the property damages that had due to the seawater entering and breaking their houses. Raffy vowed that they will help the two and residents of that area in Toledo to go after the company behind the power plant.



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