WATCH: Kuyang petmalu na pinatira ang nobyang buntis at ex-gf sa iisang bahay, pina-Tulfo!

They say women are natural martyrs; they are willing to suffer as long as they can in the name of love. But this sufferings also has its limitation especially if the reason why she is suffering no longer respects her as a woman and as a human being.

Just take it from the experience of Justin Subala who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo in order to get the custody of her 7-month-old baby who is being cared of by her ex-partner and his family in Bicol.

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According to Justin, her former partner Kit Erickson Dolor and his family do not want to give her the child saying that she is not capable of raising the baby even if she is a call center agent.

Justin narrated that she and Kit were already separated for a long time since she could no longer take the set-up of living in one roof with Kit together with her ex-girlfriend whom he said is “just a friend”.

When the program called Kit’s mother Irlanda Dolor, she argues that Justin does not know how to take care of the child, such statement irked the veteran action man lectured the old woman of giving Justin the rights to raise her own child.


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Tulfo’s team assisted Justin in retrieving her daughter, watch the full story below:










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