Huling-huli sa CCTV ang babaeng ito na nagnanakaw ng cellphone!

It is really hard to deny that the world is far from being an ideal place for everyone. Even if there are a lot of moral reminders every where, there are still some people who are committing illegal activities. May it be brought from uncontrollable environmental factors or they love the thrill of being above the law, it causes inconveniece to people, especially those who are valuing their properties.

Back then, it is hard to identify who could have taken away some goods that are being sold to the market. However, the technology has been developing and right now, it is easier for the people and the police to identify the suspect through checking CCTV footages. Some people thought they are being slick in doing this horrible deed by they get easily identified once the camera saw their face from above.

In a video that recently went viral, a woman was caught on the camera taking goods and other things without paying for them.

The video, which was posted by a certain Facebook user identified as Ted Diego Alcaraz, the woman was pretending to look for items to buy in the store. The store’s seller and other customers were minding their own business at that time.

This is when the unidentified woman had the opportunity to bring out her plan. When she noticed that no one was in the passerby around, she quickly gets a cell phone from the said shop.

Netizens have noticed how fast the woman’s hands are in this horrific incident.

According to a concerned netizen’s comment, the thief is currenly living in Barangay Pulong Maligawa, San Vicente, Apalit.

Police authorities are now conducting an investigation regarding what happened to the store.

Some netizens also commented how awful the woman is.

“Kapal ng mukha. ang lakas lakas pa ndi magbanat ng buto. makarma ka sana,” Laly Dimaaampao said.

“Ang ganda ng girl kasu bkt ganun sya dapat nga habang bata kpa mag trabaho ka bata ka panaman dami ka makikita trabaho ganda m panaman ganda ng katawan mo,” Jhing De Leon said.

“Dapat putulan ng kamay yan para hindi na makpagnakaw,” Ailyn Abas.

“Ay grabe may hitsura kp nmn girl,pero nkkhiya k.yan tuloy viral kn sa khihiyan n ginwa mo.magbgo bgo hbang bta pa,” Lizel Lindog said.

” Kung totoo yan matakot ka s mkapangyarihan n lging nkamasid seu, tNdaan u kpag langit gumanti seu cgurado ayw muna nd k tatantanan,” Merlyn Agulto.

“hoy kawatan ka ibalik mo yung kinuha mo barato la iton imo ginkuha dai subra ka kawatan dai oy gabaan ka ngani mirisi kagud dai,” Arnel Bulante Fortaleza said.


Posted by Ted Diego Alcaraz on Monday, August 27, 2018

Source: Manilaflash

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