Mag-asawa, nagsisising pinaampon ang anak nila at gusto na nilang mabawi ito, Sinabon ni Raffy Tulfo.

Putting up your baby for adoption is not a popular option among Filipino couples who are having some financial and personal problems. Parents are usually putting up their baby for adoption if they think that they are not capable of taking care of their child and they think that someone else can give their baby’s need.

It might be painful but most parents in this situation think this is what’s best for the baby. However, there comes a time to some of these parents that they will realize that they want their baby back as their conscience eats them up every night. They feel like their baby should be with them through thick and thin.

This is what partners Chrismie Divinaflor and Roferd Valencia felt just six days after giving their baby to a certain Jennelyn Caranguian, who is based in Santiago City, Isabela. According to Chrismie, she already told Jennelyn that her baby will be given to her because she thinks she’s incapable of taking care of the child.

But now, Chrismie wants her baby back and the couple went to Raffy Tulfo to seek help about it.

Based on Chrismie’s narration to Raffy, she was desperate to get her child out of her life during pregnancy but doesn’t want to terminate her pregnancy. At that time, her sibling just died and her mother was diagnosed with sickness so having a baby is a burden for them.

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Roferd did not resist crying while telling their story to Raffy as he admitted that he was not supporting his wife’s decision of putting the baby for adoption.

However, he cannot convince her at that time because she was suffering from depression during her pregnancy.

Raffy then called Jennelyn through phone to talk about the couple’s concern. Jennelyn said she is willing to give the baby back to the couple as long as they bring back the money she spent on Chrismie’s pregnancy and labor, which costs around P68.5 thousand.

Jennelyn also shared that it hurts her that she has to bring back the baby since it was Chrismie who was earlier desperate to give the baby to her. Jennelyn also disclosed that she and her husband really wanted a child since they can’t get pregnant after numerous attempts.

Raffy then told the couple to give Jennelyn the money she spent on the baby or else, they will be tagged as people who took advantage of the opportunity.

The couple vowed that they will return the money Jennelyn spent on them and they also denied the accusation that they just put her up for adoption just to get money from Jennelyn. Currently, the couple has P20,000 but they said they will search more source of money just to pay her back.


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