WATCH: Mister na biglang nagpa-convert sa Islam para madagdagan ang asawa, sinumbong ni misis kay Raffy Tulfo!

When we are born, we automatically become a part of the religious group that our parents belong to, we were taught to go to the place of worship and were raised with the values and teachings of a particular religion.

As we grow older and discover our own identity and beliefs we can already exercise the freedom to choose our own religion, but shifting from one religion to another is not as easy as 1-2-3, in order for you to become part of a certain sectoral group, you have to embrace their teaching and beliefs and live with it.

But sadly, some just tend to take advantage of a certain religious belief for their own benefit, just like the complaint of this devastated wife who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who suddenly switched to Islam religion just so he could marry another woman.

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According to Evangeline Umadhay, she has been married with husband Ulysses Umadhay for the past 21 years and they got married through a Christian ceremony being both Christians. But recently, she discovered that Ulysses already converted to Islam and even married a woman who is part of the said religion.

The mother-of-two said that he is not even aware that Ulysses is having an affair with another woman, she was just surprised when someone told him that her husband just got married to an Islam woman in Sultan Kudarat.

Evangeline narrated how Ulysses would prioritize his other woman over his own family, recently they were kicked out of the house they are renting, but instead of giving them financial assistance, Ulysses prioritized buying a plane ticket for his new wife.

“Pagdating sa babae umungot sa’yo bigay ka na ng bigay agad!” Evangeline said.

She also revealed how Ulysses called her and pretended to be in a compromising situation and some bad guys brought him in a scary place asking for P100,000 ransom, the amount later on decreased to P50,000 which eventually, Evangeline discovered that he used for his Islam wedding last August 27, 2018.

Evangeline said she is already falling into depression because of what is happening to their marriage, even her youngest daughter’s studies are already affected because of this problem.

But the mother said she no longer wants to get back with Ulysses, all she wants to demand right now is enough financial support especially to their daughter who is currently on the second year in college.

Because of this, Tulfo required Ulysses to give the details of his employer so they could demand them to deduct a rightful financial support amount from his salary and will go directly to his children.




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