Pagkastigo sa babaerong mister at pabayang ama, nauwi sa arestuhan!

A few weeks ago, a desperate wife seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband who aside from engaging to illicit affair also fails to give enough financial support for their kids.

The mother of two named Jane del Kalinga narrated all the sufferings she experienced at the hands of her husband named Rizzan John Kalinga, she revealed that Rizzan is subjecting her to physical violence even after giving birth.

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She also revealed filing a case against Rizzan for the cruelty she experienced, but authorities could not locate him to execute the warrant of capture.

The following day, Rizzan personally went to Tulfo’s program accompanied by his siblings to face Jane and hopes to peacefully settle everything.

Prior to their confrontation, Tulfo spoke to Jane and tried convincing her to just resolve the problem in a peaceful manner, but Jane is willing to put an end to her ordeal and send Rizzan behind bars by bringing his warrant and asked for police assistance to execute it.

She once again revealed that for the past 4 years of their marriage, Rizzan would often inflict violence against her which is brought up whenever Jane would confront Rizzan about his extra-marital affairs.

Jane also brought pieces of evidence to prove her claim that Rizzan is having an affair, such evidence includes photos of Rizzan with another woman inside a motel which Rizzan personally uploaded on social media.

During their confrontation, Rizzan denied the physical violence and the accusation that he fails to give child support since he is personally handling the money to Jane.

Although he admitted being in the photo that Jane brought, Rizzan denied that he is having an affair with those women saying those are just his friends that he talk to whenever he and Jane will fight.

But this escalated quickly when Rizzan’s siblings joined the conversation and complain about Jane’s attitude.

In the end, Jane stood firm to her decision to put Rizzan behind bars so the police officers went inside the radio booth to execute the warrant, put his handcuffs, and read his rights during the seize.





Watch the full story below:


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