Di pa niya nakikita ang tatay niya sa buong buhay niya at ito ang ginawa ni Raffy Tulfo!

It must have been nice to be with your father every day. Children usually learn the hard lessons of life and how to deal with it from the wise words of a father.

Unfortunately for Jimmy Gamboa, he didn’t experience this in his whole life. You see, he never saw his father Jaime Gamboa in his whole life. He does not even know his face or his voice at all.

Jaime is still alive but he is currently serving his sentence of 40 years for doing an illegal activity. He is currently in a correctional facility in Ihawig, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Jimmy is now a grown man who is working as a construction worker. Until now, he hasn’t given up the dream of seeing his father before his eyes.

“Simula noong nag-aaral ako gusto ko makita ko tatay ko. Ni picture di ko nakikita,” Jimmy said.

So, he approached Raffy Tulfo in his show “Sumbong at Aksyon” to seek help in seeing his father. With the help of Raffy, Jimmy was able to talk to his father through a phone.

The two talked on how much they want to see each other. After the phone call ended, Raffy promised Jimmy that they will make ways for his one wish to come true.

The team of Raffy and Jimmy went to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan to visit Jaime. The team treated Jimmy of a luxurious hotel accommodation.

Before they went to the correctional facility, Jimmy went grocery shopping so that he can give something to his father. This is, perhaps, a meeting that is long overdue.

Raffy’s team visited the area first and met Jaime in person. Jaime was expecting for his son but unfortunately, Raffy broke him the “bad news”.

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He told Jaime that they were unable to bring Jimmy to their supposed meeting because they encountered some problems. As Raffy was explaining the situation, Jaime did not resist to cry because he wants to see his son.

Raffy then told Jaime that they are just going to give him grocery for compensation. Unknown to Jaime, it was his who is bringing the grocery package.

As Jimmy approached his father, he could not control himself and suddenly hugged his father. The two cried their eyes out as they finally saw each other more than decades. Jaime even noted that his son looks like his father.

Jimmy gave his father some food, a slipper, and a jacket, in which Jimmy told his father to wear this as a remembrance of him. “Kung gusto mo ako maalala, suotin mo lang yan, Pa,” he said.

Chief Superintendent Richard Schawarzkopf Jr., the director of the correctional facility, revealed that Jaime is serving 40 years in prison. However, the correctional facility reduced Jaime’s sentence to 32 years because of his good deeds.

Raffy pointed out that it could be possible that Jaime can already go out of the prison next year. This brought tears to the newly-met father and son as they can finally have time to bond and know each other more.

What do you think of this story? Do you think it’s endearing to see a son met his father for the first time? Tell us in the comments section below!

Mula nang ipinanganak hindi na nasilayan ng construction worker ang kanyang Ama. Tinupad ni Idol Raffy ang kanyang pangarap na magkita sila sa Iwahig.

Mula nang ipinanganak hindi na nasilayan ng isang construction worker ang kanyang Ama. Tinupad ni Idol Raffy ang kanyang pangarap na magkita sila sa Iwahig. #raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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