WATCH: Pabayang ama na pinatira pa ang kabit sa bahay ng magulang, sinumbong kay Raffy Tulfo!

We all know that life is not perfect, and sometimes the marriage or relationships that we imagined to be all romantic and successful also falls apart. This kind of separation between a mother and father do not just affect the couple but also the children who will eventually turn as victims when one of their parents forget their responsibilities of providing the necessary support.

Just like the ordeal faced by this mother of two who seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about his husband who is not just involved in an extra-marital affair but also neglects to provide enough financial support for their kids.

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According to Mary Jane Mirabueno, her husband Johnver cheated on her and impregnated another woman, to make it worse, his parents even tolerated him with his infidelity and let the mistress and their children live in their house.

During their confrontation at Tulfo’s program, Johnver revealed that it was Mary Jane who first broke up with when she was still pregnant. But Mary Jane said that it was just a temporary agreement to go on separate ways since they are always arguing and it is not healthy for her pregnancy.

When she already gave birth, Johnver did not even show up failed to provide financial support for the kids.

“Pati nga ako tinanggalan mo ng karapatan bilang asawa, sinong pinapakilala mong asawa, ‘di ba yung kabit mo?” Parang tinapon mo akong basura!” Mary Jane said.

In defense, Johnver said that Mary Jane’s family did not even inform him that she already gave birth when he attempted to visit the kids, Mary Jane’s family threatened to report him at the barangay, he also revealed that it was Mary Jane who is refusing to receive the money he is offering.

Johnver also revealed that he has been a battered husband when they were together as Mary Jane would often bang his head on the floor when he is under the influence of alcohol and Mary Jane once held a knife against him.

Tulfo attempted to settle their marital problem peacefully but Mary Jane stood by her decision to file a bigamy case against Johnver and make sure to make him suffer behind bars.





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