WATCH: Sinabi ng netizen na ito na ‘buang’ si Trillanes at dapat matuwa ang lahat sa nangyayari sa kanya

Despite being ordered to be taken away by the police or military, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV is still under the custody of the Senate. The senator previously said he is willing to be under the police custody if the police can present a warrant against him. So far, there is no warrant against him as the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 148 will decide if Duterte’s order is valid or not.

Duterte’s order claimed that Trillanes’ amnesty should be voided because the senator did not file an application for the program and he did not admit that he committed a violation in the Constitution.

However, several news outlets published from their archives their stories and coverage of Trillanes’ application and confession of violating the Constitution.

Despite the solid pieces of evidence presented by Trillanes against Duterte’s resolution, some netizens and personalities still believe that he should be put under police custody. One of them is the staunch pro-Duterte netizen Raffy Gutierrez.

In his Facebook Live session recently, Raffy said Trillanes has been an ineffective senator since all he did in two years was to just criticize Duterte.

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“Senator ka ng bayan.. from day one, hanggang ngayon.. wala kang ginawa kundi siraan si Duterte.. Buang-buang ka Sonny,” Raffy said.

Moreover, he proposed that Trillanes’ amnesty program should be revoked and lawmakers should pass a bill in which the act of rebellion and starting a coup d’etat should be punished with being locked up in a lifetime or a harsh penalty about taking one’s life.

Raffy also told his followers that they should be happy the President is ordering for the apprehension of the staunch vocal anti-Duterte senator.

“Dapat maging happy tayo dahil finally yang asong ulol na yan eh babalik na kung saan siya dapat nakalagay noh,” Gutierrez said.

It can be remembered that Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto gave Trillanes the right to be under the Senate custody during these times. With this, police and military units can’t take Trillanes away. So why is he still under the Senate custody?

Constitution-wise, it is permitted until a warrant will be presented. For Gutierrez, he speculated that this is a way for the Senate to hide their secrets because Trillanes might expose them once taken away by the police.

Raffy added that Trillanes knows all of the wrongdoings of his fellow Senator and it might damage their image and reputation if they will not help him during this situation.

What do you think of Raffy’s statements and speculations? Do you support him? Tell us in the comments section below!


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Posted by Raffy Gutierrez on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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