73-anyos na mister na lumipad pa daw pa-China para mambabae, sinumbong kay Idol Raffy! Kamandang nito sa chix, nabuking!

“Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”

A desperate wife recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to know if there is still hope for her husband to come back on her arms.

The 57-year-old Luisa Capalad went to Tulfo’s radio program on her 11th wedding anniversary with her 73-year-old husband Reynaldo Capalad in the hopes to talk to him, know his whereabouts and find answers if there is still a chance to save their marriage.

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According to Luisa, Reynaldo has been missing in action in her life for almost a month now and just recently, she discovered that the old man is in China with his mistress.

Luisa narrated that Reynaldo has always been a playboy, he uses sweet and flowery words to attract woman just like what he did to make her fall in love. On top of that, she said that Tatay Reynaldo has still great performance when it comes to romance making a younger woman fall for him more.

“Hindi po siya nagro-Robust pero nakakatatlo pa po ‘yan!” Luisa said referring to a supplement endorsed by Tulfo which is meant to enhance the passionate performance of a man.

“Excuse me, pasensya na po sa mga nakakarinig ah, pero ako magsasabi lang ako ng totoo, kaya niya pa yang ginagawa niyang iyan!” she added.

Luisa revealed that Reynaldo recently met a 36-year-old woman on social media, after some exchange of messages he met with the woman even after being freshly discharged from the hospital and take the girl home to Isabela.

She also discovered a series of messages where Reynaldo is introducing himself as a widower whose intimate life has been inactive for the past 12 years.

When the program contacted Reynaldo, he explained that he is just on vacation at his cousin’s house in China and that he was not able to inform Luisa since it was a spontaneous trip all paid by his cousin. He said that the trip was so unplanned that even his children are not aware that he is in China.

Reynaldo narrated series of alibis saying he ran out of prepaid load when he arrived in the airport and deleted Luisa’s number upon arriving in China that is why he was not able to inform her.

He also said that he decided to run away since he could no longer support Luisa in terms of their financial needs. Reynaldo confessed that he is ashamed after Luisa’s children would often question why their mother has to work and generate income for him.

Because of this, Tulfo slammed him and said: “Mas matanda ka sa ‘kin, malayong malay tayo sa edad pero alam mo napaka-iresponsable at napaka-selfish mong tao! Mawalang galang na sa’yo! Ang nasa isip mo laman ay yung kapakanan mo, kung saan ka maligaya, kung saan uubra ang iyong L-I-B-O-G!”

In the end, Reynaldo agreed to meet Luisa at Tulfo’s radio program as soon as he got back from China in October.

However, after the program, Tulfo’s team discovered that Reynaldo is not really in China, in fact, he is just around Manila.



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