Misis, inireklamo ang mister at kabit nito na siyang nagba-budget ng sahod ni mister para sa pangangailangan ng legal family!

Cheating does not only destroy the life of the involved couple but also the entire family. When cheating occurs in a relationship especially with a family, the children are the most affected and suffers the worst because aside from growing in a broken family, their financial needs are also at risk.

Recently, a desperate mother seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain about her husband and his mistress who is the one handling and mismanaging the supposed financial support for their kids.

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According to Jennifer Into, she and her Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) husband Boymar Into already had an agreement through the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) that Boymar will give them P20,000 monthly financial support, but this agreement never happened since the mistress named Victoria is the one managing Boymar’s money.

Boymar who personally went at Tulfo’s radio program said that he could not send the agreed amount since his salary abroad is not fixed and only depends on their overtime pay, but Jennifer revealed that it turns out that whenever Boymar will send money; Victoria will split it in half for her and for Jennifer’s kids, making the agreed amount not enough.

Jennifer also revealed that there was one time when Boymar borrowed P24,000 from her which he said he will use for placement fee, but when she contacted the agency, she found out that Boymar did not pay the said amount and discovered that he only used it for as down payment fee in a house he and Victoria will rent in Montalban.

In order to survive everyday life, Jennifer accepted all kinds of work even working as a dishwasher just to earn extra money for the needs of their children. Jennifer also revealed that she sought professional psychological help because of depression brought by this problem in their marriage.

Jennifer said she already accepts the fact that their marriage will no longer be fixed, all she wanted is just enough financial support for her kids.

Tulfo suggested Boymar to allow his employment agency to deduct at least 70% of his salary and send it straight to Jennifer, he agreed but the problem is, he does not have any employment agency at the moment.

Because of this, Jennifer stood by her decision to just request to ban Boymar from working overseas since most of his salary abroad is just wasted by his mistress.




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