Empleyado ng City Hall, huli sa aktong paninipa sa isang babae!

Public servant – from the word itself, the job description is very self-explanatory, to serve the people regardless if they voted for you or you were appointed in a particular position in the government. Since these employees are being paid through the citizens paid tax, they are expected to treat their fellow-Filipino in a respectable and decent manner at all times.

But sadly, in reality, we all know that some government employees who are earning their salaries due to the tax we pay often exhibits misconduct and feel entitled just because they are working for the government.

Recently, a public servant was caught on camera in a compromising action that once again put government employees in a bad light.


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In the video uploaded by Facebook user Ian Gwapings, a government employee and a citizen could be seen in the middle of a heated argument.

The incident reportedly took place at the city hall of Victorias City, Negros Occidental where the lady in uniform identified as Lara Ann Acuña Garcia is said to be the head of General Services Office of the said city.

At the beginning of the 41-seconder video, the two ladies could be seen having an argument, although the reason behind their argument is still not clear since they could be heard using their local dialect, it is obvious that the lady government employee is being sarcastic basing from her facial expression.

But things escalated quickly when the citizen complaining started attempting to touch Garcia and tap her arms, the lady employee immediately warned her not to touch her but the other lady continues to do so as if provoking the government employee knowing that her actions are being recorded.

After a few touch attempts and several warning not to touch her, the government employee lost her temper and was able to release a single kick to the other lady.

Some netizens who was able to understand the whole argument said that the other lady is provoking Garcia and threatening her to post the video on social media when Garcia responded using the English language the complainant warn her not to speak in English since she could not understand it.





Watch the video and be the judge:


Posted by Ian Gwapings on Thursday, September 6, 2018



A lot of netizens suggest that the viral video was just a set up to create a bad impression against the said government employee. See some of their comments below:








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