WATCH: Inang mangiyak-ngiyak sinumbong kay Raffy Tulfo ang pambabastos ng kaniyang anak, pero anak may pasabog sa kaniyang ina!

It is traditional for Filipino children to give money to their parents once they got a job. It is a way of showing gratitude to all of their efforts that they have done in raising them properly.

However, there are instances that a conflict between the parent and the child arise and causes for the monetary compensation to stop. Hence, it causes problems to parents in sustaining their needs, especially if they are retired or unemployed.

This is what happened to a mother named Elizabeth. She approached Raffy Tulfo in his show “Sumbong at Aksyon” to tell her case about an “ungrateful” daughter who stopped giving her money ever since she got married.

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According to Elizabeth, her daughter Desiree stopped calling her last April 15 after they had a fight. After that, the money also stopped coming.

She did not resist crying as she told Raffy that she needs money to pay her bills and other needs as she is still renting her place in Cebu. Elizabeth also said that she was planning to open a business to further gain financial source.

Desiree, who was contacted on the phone, begged to differ on Elizabeth’s narrative. She told Raffy that she stopped giving P26,000 per month because she had enough of her mother’s expletive words.

She said that her mother gets angry every time the money was delayed. “Pag di nakarating on time, nagagalit na. Kesyo wala akong modong anak, pinag-aral, investment niya ako. Di naman sa di ko pinabayaan at ako pa ang nagpapaaral sa kapatid ko. Nasasaktan ako. Alam ng asawa ko na susustentuhan ko pa ang family ko,” she said.

Desiree also revealed that her mother started a scandal in her dental clinic office just because they had a fight. When she also told her mother that she’ll stop giving checks, her mother started screaming and even called the attention of barangay captain but it resulted in nothing.

Raffy then told Elizabeth that receiving money from their children is not an obligation but a voluntary way. He also said that she should be just thanking her daughter and it will motivate her to continue giving money.

“Sumusuporta ako sa nanay ko pero di ako inoobliga. Magbibigay ako, puro thank you ang natatanggap ko,” he said. He also pleaded for the two to talk their differences in person.

Desiree said that she is willing to forgive Elizabeth because she is her mother. However, she refused to see her in person.

“Kaya ko siya patawarin kasi nanay ko siya pero sa dami niyang ginawa niya sa akin ayoko ko siyang makita,” she said. “Sorry ma, di ko pwedeng makita ka.”

Do you think Desiree’s reasons of not giving her mother money is justified? Tell us in the comments section below!


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