WATCH: Mister sinumbong ang misis na lagi siyang pinagbibintangang may anak sa labas!

A little jealousy is just normal in any relationship, when your partner gets jealous you could actually take this as an opportunity to make him/her feel more loved, instead of causing argument. It is just normal to get jealous every now and then, but if your partner is somehow making it a habit to be jealous of all the people that will get close to you, then it could be annoying and could be the culprit of your broken relationship.

This is the ordeal faced by a 64-year-old man who recently seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo to complain his wife who is always accusing him of having an offspring to another woman.

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Leonilo Flores has been married to his wife Virginia for almost 40 years now, but the past 4 years of their relationship has been the toughest since Virginia is always insisting that he impregnated another woman and even giving financial support to the child.

“May anak daw po ako sa labas, lagi po akong nagagalit pag pinagbibintangan akong may anak sa labas at may sustento pa daw po!” Tatay Leonilo said.

Virginia who is also present during Tulfo’s radio program explained that everything started when she got hospitalized back in 2014. Because of her poor health, the responsibility of walking and fetching their grandchild to school was transferred to Tatay Leonilo, but she, later on, discovered that this simple walking and fetching to school will lead to infidelity.

According to Nanay Virginia, that is when Tatay Leonilo met Melody – a nanny who is also walking and fetching a child in school. She said that they had a relationship and impregnated the nanny, four years after, Melody is posting cryptic messages on social media saying that she will not run after Tatay Leonilo or even create scandal as long as he will give enough financial support to his child.

But Tatay Leonilo explained that he and Melody only became close friends since they often see each other in school, he said that they never had any relationship and was not even able touch or kisses the nanny.

Because of this, Tulfo suggested subjecting Melody’s child to a DNA testing to once and for all end Nanay Virginia’s accusation and jealousy.


Tulfo then suggested avoid talking about Melody while they are still waiting for the DNA result to avoid an argument between the two of them.


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