Binatikos ng netizen na ito ang masakit na kagustuhan ng isang pari para kay Duterte

A lot of people were disappointed with Father Noel Gatchalian for his remarks against President Rodrigo Duterte during his mass dedicated to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. In his homily, he wished that Duterte will catch an illness. Father Gatchalian said this after the President previously thrown some tirades against the Catholic institution.

According to some netizens, Father Gatchalian’s remarks are not in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church. They also said that it is bad for a priest to wish ill not just to the President but to someone since the religion is all about forgiveness.

One of them is a netizen identified as Albert Egot Jr. In his Facebook status that went viral on social media, he said that it is not just hurtful for the President but it is hurtful for lots of Filipinos and overseas Filipino workers who believe in him.

“Dear Father Noel Gatchalian, eto po yung tao na pinagdarasal mong magkasakit at mamatay. Ang taong mahal na mahal ng mga OFWs lalo na sa mga nasa Jordan,” he said in his viral post.

A lot of netizens are also sharing the same sentiments with Albert. Most of them are wondering what happened to the institution that they once admired.

“What kind of priest are you casting curse instead of blessing someone? my God what happened to the church nowadays. Baka sinapian kana ni satanas father. Sana father God will grant your wish and you’ll be the one getting sick,” Lang April said.

Netizen Polo Comillas said Father Gatchalian’s remark is a proof why he stopped going to the Church anymore.

“This is one reason why I don’t go anymore in a Sunday service in Catholic Church since I heard about the priest cursing other people and sometime they’re rude to other people. Seriously, It’s like the priest insulted God and disrespect the church. It’s better to stay at home and just pray silently straight to GOD. I’m sorry to those catholic people out there. peace!” he said.

Another netizen identified as Macky Laurente even brought up some passages from the Bible to prove his point against Father Gatchalian.


“I can’t get it why preachers now days always involve in politics. Did Jesus take over authority over Cesar.,? Nope. Jesus said “Give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God.”.!! So give the politics to politicians and give the faith praise prayer glory and all things belong to god to our god priests should not be involved in politics if they’re a real priest of god. They become look like a dog than a preacher. Should have some fastidiousness,” he said.


Source: Updatedtayo

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