Nakakaiyak! Pinagbuo ulit ni Raffy Tulfo ang isang pamilyang nag-aaway!

Having proper communication is the best recipe in having a strong family. Without communication, trust, friendship, and love for one another might fall apart, resulting in broken familial relationship.

We see that there are cases of broken families and we think that they are going to be like that forever. However, there are some broken families with members who are still hopeful that everything will go back to normal. This is what a father of five children named Rey wants as he sought help with veteran public service announcer Raffy Tulfo.

According to him, he and his wife Marie Emerly Maravilla had a dispute over a cellphone. In his narrative, Marie Emerly wants to have her mobile phone repaired but Rey refused.

What was the reason behind this? Rey alleged that Marie Emerly is using her phone to cheat with him by chatting with other men. With that, it resulted in Marie Emerly leaving the house.

Rey said that he wants to have Marie Emerly back in the family’s life. He said that he is willing to change his ways and start their life all over again. Rey also promised his five children that if their mother comes back, they will show love and encourage them not to be hateful.

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Raffy then contacted Marie Emerly and told her that her husband wants her back. What Rey didn’t know is that Marie Emerly is also in the studio and she is ready to face him.

Marie Emerly then showed up and revealed the reason why she left their family. It is not about the allegations of her cheating to her husband.

She revealed that she had enough of Rey being always agitated about everything. She also said that Rey had some bad habits of joining in betting games.

After their confrontation, Marie Emerly decided that she will go back to her family as Rey promised that he will change his ways for the betterment of his family. Raffy successfully reunited the once-broken family.

Netizens said they are happy about what happened to the family. They also thanked Raffy for helping them to reunite over conflicts and misunderstandings.

“Hayyyyy nku sir raffy thank u so much sa pagbuo ng pamilyang yan MABUHAY and GOD BLESS tulfu brothers .naiyak me hehehe sir raffy nailigtas u ang isang pamilya sa pagkawatakwatak,” Poyyen Magadia said.

“Mabuti pa yong lalaki pinatunayan talaga nya na isa syang tunay na ama ng tahanan kht gagawin kht mahirap Ang buhay o kht mghirap sya para sa pamilya nya..good luck po sa inyo.,” Marlyn Greno said.


“i pray for you both.. Laging ninyong iisipin ang kapakanan ng inyong mga anak. Salamat sa Dios at may isang raffy tulfo na laging biyaya sa kanyang kapwa,” Bing Mier said.



Source: Youtube

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