Ito ang hirit ni Harry Roque laban sa mga “satsat” ni Sen. Trillanes!

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has been insisting that President Rodrigo Duterte was politically persecuting him for his criticisms ever since the President ordered Proclamation No. 572. The order seeks to revoke Trillanes’ amnesty that was given to him in 2011 by former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino.

According to the order, Trillanes’ amnesty should be voided because it did not comply to the simplest requirement of having an amnesty application form.

Trillanes has been showing to the public some of his evidence that he did comply for the amnesty program. In his privilege speech, he showed videos of media coverage, articles, and such.

However, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque insisted that Trillanes has yet to bring the biggest evidence to prove his point: a valid copy of his amnesty application form.

According to Roque, if the Department of National Defense (DND) cannot provide a copy, Trillanes should present one instead.

In this way, Trillanes can prove that he indeed followed the procedures in applying for an amnesty program.

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“Kung hindi mahanap iyong kopya ng DND, ang dapat diyan ipakita niya iyong kopya niya kasi lahat naman iyan kapag nag-file ka, may receive copy hindi ba?” he said.

Roque said Trillanes should stop being noisy about the accusations against him and just present the evidence.

“So itigil na po ang satsat, nasaan iyong duly received application form niya. Best evidence rule, kapag nakasulat po iyan, iyong kasulatan iyong ebidensiya,” he said.

“Ang dami po niyang ipinapakita, ang dami niyang sinasabi, nasaan iyong duly received application form po niya? Kung nawawala, sabihin niyang nawawala ‘no pero hindi naman puwede iyong sabihin niya na wala siyang kopya ‘no.

At napakahirap namang mapaniwalaang mawawala iyan, kasi maraming mga importanteng dokumento sa ating buhay, siguro naman kung iyong isang dokumento ay magbubura ng iyong pananagutan sa tatlong capital offenses ‘no, involving coup d’etat no less, na punishable by the maximum penalty of life imprisonment,” Roque added.

Roque also responded to netizens digging his previous statements about praising Trillanes.

He admitted that he onced admired the senator but not anymore. Roque just described his relationship to Trillanes as “nagkahiwalay na ng landas.”

“Tama po yan. Noong mga panahon na po yon ay talagang humanga ako sa mga ginawa ni Trillanes… Pero kami po ay nagkahiwalay na ng landas,” he said.

What do you think if Roque’s remarks about Trillanes? Do you think it makes sense or not? Tell us in the comments section below!

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