WATCH: Mga Amang Tinamaan Ng Lung Cancer Na Natulungan ni Raffy Tulfo, Inihatid Na Sa Kanilang Huling Hantungan

The so-called Big C has continued to cause devastating death around the world. Lung cancer which is often acquired by smoking tobacco products is the number one cause of death across the globe with over 1.59 million recorded deaths.

In the Philippines alone, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded 8,518 deaths caused by lung cancer and most of the victims are men. One of them is the 47-year-old William Fabio earlier seeks the help of veteran broadcaster Raffy Tulfo after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

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His only wish is to went back to Surigao to be with his family and give his wife a small business so she could generate income even if William is sick. Tulfo’s team happily granted his request, however, in less than two weeks after Tulfo’s team accommodated William back to Surigao, he already lost his battle to cancer.

Tulfo’s team visited William’s during his wake and burial to extend financial help for his family. William’s wife revealed that before his last breath, William is asking for a knife to end his sufferings and also refused to use his oxygen tank.

Meanwhile, a wife of a patient also seeks the help of Tulfo to visit her husband Orlando Tavas whose only request is to meet Raffy Tulfo in person before he dies. She said that Orlando is Tulfo’s number one fan and his only source of happiness during the past few days in the hospital is listening to his Idol Raffy’s radio program.

Tulfo personally visited Orlando in the hospital, but after a few weeks, he also lost his battle to cancer and Tulfo once again visited him, but this time, he is already inside a casket.

Because of this simultaneous encounter with lung cancer patients, Tulfo’s program reminded everyone that cigarette is indeed dangerous to our health.



Watch the heartbreaking stories below:

Alam nyo ba na kada araw, 240 na Pilipino ang namamatay sanhi ng paninigarilyo?

Alam nyo ba na kada araw, 240 na mga Pilipino ang namamatay sanhi ng paninigarilyo?#raffytulfoinactionYoutube:

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