Ang Kapal! OFW na nagpa-pedicure pero hindi nagbayad, umani ng batikos sa social media!

We Filipinos are known for being vanidoso or vain when it comes to our personal hygiene, we use all kinds of products from the usual shampoo, soap, toothbrush down to having a facial wash, feminine soap, body scrub, conditioner, and more.

We even take a shower not just once but twice or sometimes even three times a day especially during summer, being in a tropical country, a shower is really a necessity for all of us. On top of this vain regimen is our fondness of having a manicure and pedicure service in order to have fresh and clean nails.

In the Philippines, every barangay probably has their very own “manicurista” who do home service manicure and pedicure package at a very affordable price, some these talented manicuristas took their skills abroad in order to earn more money for their family.

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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) abroad would agree that having a Pinay manicurista abroad is a blessing for them, this is because the charge for a manicure-pedicure service in other countries actually costs a fortune compared to the very affordable package back home.

But just recently, a Pinay overseas worker is going viral on social media after putting herself on a shameful situation that involves every Filipinas favorite vanity service, pedicure.

In the video posted by Facebook user ConNie Gracia, a woman could be seen standing outside a busy street while her feet are stepping on top of her shoes. Apparently, the lady whose name was not disclosed availed a pedicure service from a fellow-OFW in a nearby establishment.

According to ConNie, after the lady completed her pedicure service, she tried to haggle for its cost. But when her desired price was accommodated, she hurriedly walks away from the shop without even paying a cent.

In the video, the lady’s feet could be seen still out of her shoes, a clear indication that she just finished the pedicure service and just ran away from her manicurista. She could be seen waving and even have the guts to call the attention of the police officers from the other side of the street even if she is the one at fault in the said situation.

After a few minutes of trying to call the attention of authorities and got no response, the lady just turned around, wore her shoes and walk away which drew laughter and mocking from the fellow Filipinos in the area.

Watch the video below and be the judge:


Meanwhile, netizens could not help but express their disappointment with the Pinay. Read some of their comments below:



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