Humihingi ng tulong ang babaeng ito dahil nasisante siya sa trabaho dahil sa partner niya seloso!

A mother of six children sought help to Raffy Tulfo regarding her live-in partner who caused some troubles to her ranging from financial problems to getting fired by her boss.

Based on her narration, Claireca Clemente was fired by her boss Eduard Colonia from working in a stall in Farmers Market in Cubao. Claireca blamed her live-in partner Randy Gondayao as he started causing troubles to her boss.

Claireca said Randy started sending threats to Eduard via phone. It is rooted from Randy’s jealousy to Claireca’s boss, she added.

It all started when Claireca started going to their home 24 hours after she initially left. Eduard got suspicious over his partner and her boss.

In her defense, Claireca said she chooses to sleep sometimes in the stall to save time from commuting and to be more productive in her work. There were also some times when she was tasked to deliver their products to various restaurants in Binondo and Tomas Morato, thus causing for her to arrive late at her home.

Moreover, Claireca said she has to work more for her children because Randy was not contributing financially.

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Randy then entered the studio to defend himself from the accusations thrown by her partner. He first denied that he was not financially contributing to the family and dared Raffy and Claireca to ask their children about it.

Moreover, he said he wanted to talk to Eduard to be clarified over his hunches regarding him and his wife. However, Randy said, Eduard was not availing tobhis request.

In a phone patch, Eduard said he was uncomfortable of Randy because of his threatening text messages. He also said that he fired Claireca, who she described as an industrious staff, so that he can be cleared from their troubles since he was not supposed to be dragged along in the first place.

Being a businessman and a student, Eduard also said he has no time to confront Randy and his allegations.

To clarify his side, Eduard denied the allegations of Randy that he was sleeping with his employee.
In the end, both were seeking separation from one another.

Claireca said Randy also physically abuses her and he was also hooked on illegal substance and betting. Randy then admitted to the two accusations but clarified that those parts of his life was over and he is now a changed man.

Randy then accused of Claireca as an irresponsible mother who uses her gender when they argue.
Raffy then advised the two of them to separated and seek help from their municipal social and welfare development for the custody of their six children.


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