Atty. Salvador Panelo nag-ala Boy Abunda sa one-on-one interview kay Pangulong Duterte

Confused – this is how the media and the public felt yesterday after President Rodrigo Duterte had some last minute change of mind on how he wanted to “address the nation” after getting back from his official visit to Israel and Jordan.

Because instead of having a press conference type of interview as what the Malacañang earlier announced, Special Assistant to President Christopher “Bong” Go said that the President wants to address the nation in a different format.

Go said that instead of a press conference, the President will be having a one-on-one “showbiz type” sit down interview with Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo.

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In an interview with ANC, Panelo clarified that there is really no plan for a press conference but only a casual conversation between him and the President.

“There was no backing out because there was no press conference in the first place. What I know from the very start is I would be asking questions,” Panelo said.

The interview then pushed through but no other media entity was allowed to cover except the government-owned PTV 4 and RTVM, but reporters from other media institution were allowed to submit the questions they want to ask the President.

During the interview, President Duterte addressed some pressing issued including the controversial inflation rate that is causing major food price hike and of course, the hot issue on the revocation the amnesty given to opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

But what made the unusual “address of the nation” more controversial is how Panelo handled the so-called “showbiz type” interview with the President as some netizens now referred to him as the new Boy Abunda.

Of course, some humorous netizens would not let this controversial day pass without creating some meme-worthy photos including the one likening the unusual “showbiz type” interview of Panelo and Duterte to Boy Abunda’s famous fast talk interview and a whole lot more, check out some of the funny memes below:








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Source: ABS-CBN News

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