WATCH: Mister na kinakawawa at sinasaktan ng lasinggerang Misis, Inireklamo kay Raffy Tulfo!

It is usual for us to hear unfortunate cases of battered women in news programs and public service programs. However, we must recognize that there are some husbands out there that are also victims of domestic abuse by their wives.

It is hard for men to admit to the society that they had domestic abuse incidents since societal standards dictate men to be the strong man under the roof. It may be odd but there are just some men who just cannot fight back to their wives out of fear.

This is allegedly the case of Carlito Jaca, a driver who sought help with Raffy Tulfo in his radio program. According to him, he received wounds after he was physically hurt by his wife named Maricel Jaka.

Based on his narration, he arrived at home from work and discovered that Maricel left their sari-sari store and their children at their house. Maricel left her kids and the sari-sari store to her mother but her disability prevented her from being the proper guardian in-charge of the household at that time.
Carlito was waiting for his wife to come home. When the clock strike at one in the morning, Maricel and her group of friends arrive at their house and visibly intoxicated. Out of frustration over her wife being intoxicated at that time, he threw a tantrum and destroyed some of the products they were selling in their sari-sari store. After that, he then kicked down the motorcycle used by his wife and her friends.

The two had altercations when Carlito tried to take Maricel’s phone away. This is when Maricel retreated and came back with a bolo. Out of fear, Carlito then ran away as fast as he could until he encountered a barangay official to help him.

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Raymond Castaneda, the chairman of Brgy. Pulong Buhangi, said in a phone interview that they are seeking ways to solve this problem. He also suggested that men should also have the government’s support for men who are treated with physical abuse.

At the backstage, Carlito also revealed that Maricel had a boyfriend but when she was working in Saudi Arabia for a year. Maricel then tried to get back to Carlito after she discovered that the man she liked was actually married with kids.

Raffy said he understands Carlito’s action and reminded him to never lay her hands on Maricel.
This story, however, does not end here. In the second part of the video, it can be seen that Maricel went to the studio to clear her name from the controversy.

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