WATCH: Netizens, nag-init ang ulo sa off-duty na pulis na walang kaawa-awang pinosasan ang isang matandang drayber!

Law enforcement officers are the ones responsible to look after the public’s safety at all times. As we grow up, elders have instilled us to trust yet also fear men in uniform as they are the ones who could enforce the law to the people who will violate it.

But nowadays, we all know how police officers have the tendency to overuse the power given to them which highly affects people who have little to no knowledge about the law, so instead of fully giving pour trust to the authorities, we should also be vigilant with their actions and how they execute the law.

Just like what these group of concerned citizens did in a viral video that shows how an off-duty officer somehow went beyond the power given to him.

In the 8-minute video clip posted by Facebook user Rodel Legarto, a commotion could be seen happening in the middle of the night which involves an elderly jeepney driver and an off-duty police.

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Apparently, the police who are currently off duty and are not even wearing uniform meddle in the road mishap where the elder driver was involved. But instead of peacefully escorting the old man to the police station, he put him a handcuff which alarmed the people who saw the incident.

The concerned citizens explained that the officer should not put a handcuff to the poor old man since he is not a criminal but merely involved in a road mishap.

The man who introduced himself as a policeman explained that he responded in the scene even if he is off duty and said that knows what he is doing since he is also an investigator.

“Imbestigador din ako kaya alam ko ginagawa ko. Ako rumesponde dahil wala pang pumupunta dito, kahit hindi ako duty alam niyo ang pulis 24 hours ‘yan, hindi pwedeng hindi rumesponde,” he said.

“Ang gusto ko lang pa-imbestigahan, kaya ko nga itu-turn over sana kaso ayaw niyo ipadala eh!” he added.

But the citizens argued that he should remove the handcuffs as it is a clear violation of the old man’s human rights.

“Ang inaalala lang naman namin kasi dito sir kaming mga citizen kami mga ordinaryong tao kami rito, nakikita naming kung anong nangyayari, parang na-aargabyado itong tao, sir. Pinosas sir o, hindi naman kriminal ‘yan sir dapat hindi pinoposas ‘yan,” one of the concerned citizen said.

When asked why he needs to used handcuffs when the old man is not even a suspect or a criminal, the policeman’s explanation could not be heard since his voice was overpowered by other concerned citizen’s murmurs in the area.

Things only cooled down when an officer on duty came in the scene and agreed to the pleading of the public to remove the handcuffs of the poor old man as they lead him to the police station for further investigation.

Watch the full video below:

Kau n humusga mga pare, ung nka gray yan ung nakasagian ni manong driver.. Pinosasan kaagad ng pulis kuno n nka gray.. Share para sa hustisya ni manong.. Tama ba n iposas ang involve accident, anu masasabi nyo mga tsong..

Posted by Rodel Legarto on Monday, September 10, 2018

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