Boyfriend, naghurumentado nang mahuli sa akto ang nobya na ginagawa ang bagay na ito!

Coming home witnessing an act of infidelity unfolds right in your very eyes is not a very easy situation to be in. Imagine coming home and see your partner sleeping or actually doing “the deed” with another girl or guy? Emotions will surely get away in your head which might lead you to act hysterically and break down. Some might even yell the house down, reach for a shotgun and worse, end the cheaters’ lives. In short, your emotions will definitely go extreme as this is a very unusual scene to go home with.

Have you ever wonder how your partners would react if they will catch you in the act of cheating or being in a hot and intimate moment with another man or woman? This is the same curiosity that sparked one woman’s brain and leads her to the idea of staging a hilarious prank.

In the 30-second video which s now going viral on social media, a lady made it look like she is fooling around behind her boyfriend’s back and recorded his reaction on purpose.

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During the first part of the video, a woman could be seen covered in a green blanket while straddling on top of another man’s lap who is seated on the huge sofa in the living room. Since there is a blanket, only the man’s legs covered in jeans and his shoes are visible.

The girl then started humping up and down as if they are in the middle of a heated “quickie” session. A few seconds later, another man who happens to be the girl’s boyfriend entered the house while trying to finish a plastic bottle of soda.

But as soon as he laid eyes on what it looks like an act of infidelity scene, he immediately stormed his girlfriend and hit her head with the thing he has on hand.

The giggling girlfriend then changed position only to reveal that she was just straddling a pillow with a made up legs in jeans with shoes. As soon as he realized that it was just a prank, both of the couple laughed hysterically and the boyfriend apologized for hitting his girlfriend’s head.






Watch the hilarious prank below:


Posted by Tatiane Oliveira on Tuesday, August 7, 2018







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