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Corazon Camacho’s house does not feel home anymore as she experienced a lot of troubling events. Unfortunately, these events such as physical abuse involve her children and her son-in-law.

According to what she told to Raffy Tulfo, her daughter Janina and son-in-law Dennis were continuously fighting with each other under their roof. The situation got worse when the two are already fighting against each other in front of their children.

Corazon said she always protects her daughter from the hands of Dennis as she welcomes her daughter every time there is an issue going on with the two. She also claimed that she assisted Janina when she sought help with the area’s Women’s Desk.

However, things got dark one time when Janina got intoxicated from hard beverages. Corazon was shocked when her own daughter attempted to slit her neck. Worse, she did this in front of her kids.
Corazon said her daughter thought she was siding with her abusive son-in-law.

In her defense, Janina said she just wanted a supportive mother during those tough times and she thought her mother’s not fulfilling that. All she wanted, Janina said, was emotional support from her mother whenever she stays at her house.

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She also said that her mother was not telling the truth about her going to the Women’s Desk. She claimed that she went to the Women’s Desk alone.

Corazon then said that Janina’s statements are not what it seems. Besides fighting Dennis, Corazon said Janina is always fighting her. After all of the conflicts, Corazon said Janina would always go back to Dennis to reconcile.

After all of the troubles, Corazon said that their situation is just an endless cycle of violence and conflicts to one another.

In a phone interview, Dennis admitted to the allegations thrown at him, saying he hurt his wife sometimes. Dennis told Raffy that he cannot resist to hurt Janina as he was always tired from his work and he is only being welcomed by her wife’s loud mouth.

With this confession, Raffy told Dennis that he could be facing time behind bars as the law does not allow any form of domestic abuse, whatever the justification is. Raffy also said that he could face child maltreatment case for abusing her wife in front of their children as it caused emotional and psychological trauma to the young ones.

Raffy also told Corazon and Janina that they should resolve their conflict and file a complaint against Dennis.



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